Short Girl Fashion Tips for Spring

Height is might, they say… But you can still dominate the fashion world even if you are on the short side of the spectrum. Take the case of ‘petite’ models Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, and Devon Aoki. Look towering – without having to wear Lady Gaga-ish pumps – simply by following these short girl fashion tips for spring.

Show your Shoulders

Showing some skin is one of the most important short girl fashion tips for spring. And no, I’m not talking about exposing your sensitive areas. The key to getting a longer, leaner look is by showcasing your shoulders in tube tops, halter tops, and off-shoulder tops. Pair these toppers with any of the bottoms I will mention below for a style that’s worthy of fashion magazines.

black tube top

white off-shoulder top burgundy halter top

Wear a Vintage Denim Mini Skirt

Vintage denim mini skirts are all the rage this spring. So if you want fun and flirty short girl fashion tips for spring, then this should be your top wardrobe choice. What’s great about this comeback queen of a fashion item is that it looks good with virtually any top. Whether it’s a sweater or a graphic tee, you are bound to look terrific (and taller) in this sexy ensemble.

distressed denim skirt denim mini skirt

Don High-Rise Flared Jeans

Denims come in a variety of rises and styles. But if you pick the wrong design, you will end up looking stubby and frumpy. Take advantage of the short girl fashion tips for spring by wearing high-rise flared jeans. Not only will this give you a greater hourglass figure, it will make your legs look longer as well.
black flared jeanshigh rise flared jeans

Layer up in a Long Coat

Although winter has bade goodbye, spring comes with some chilliness in the air. Combat the cold by layering up in a coat – specifically a longer one. Go ahead and play with proportions (i.e. wearing it with a shoulder-baring top and a mini skirt.) This styling will create an illusion of length, hence making it one of the best short girl fashion tips to follow this spring.

gray long coatlight blue coat

Invest in Platform Sandals

The easiest short girl fashion tips to follow involve the use of height-boosting sandals. While stilettos and wedges are good choices, the best footwear to invest in is the platform sandal. Not only will it give you an added vertical boost, it is generally comfier to wear. This is especially the case this spring, as you want to look fashionably tall while you are out and about.

ashley olsen platform sandals black platform sandals

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