Short Girl Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

The runway may be dominated by the tall girls but that doesn’t mean short girls can’t have fun with fashion in real life. Being a short girl myself, I often find myself wishing for longer legs so I can rock the looks I see on the runway in real life but I know the only way for that to happen is if I wear heels or create the illusion of being taller (which I’m not so good at, by the way) but because of my height, I’ve learned that not all rules are meant to be followed. Here are some short girl fashion rules worth breaking.

  • AVOID KNEE-HIGH STRAPPY SANDALS – they say short girls should avoid wearing anything knee-high but with the quick rise of lace ups to popularity, us short girls can’t help but at least try and sport a pair and, guess what? It turns out knee high strappy lace ups aren’t so bad for ladies on the petite side after all. The key to pulling it off? Show more skin, particularly in the leg region. Couple up your knee high lace ups with short shorts or with a mini skirt.

knee hign sandals for short girls

knee high lace ups knee high glads

  • ALWAYS WEAR HEELS – I get it, heels instantly add a few inches to our height and instantly makes us look taller but guess what, our feet have feelings too (sort of) and they can feel pain and strain just as much as any tall girl’s legs and feet so if you ever feel like you can’t handle another day in heels, switch to flats! You can always make your legs look longer by opting for a pair with pointy toes and/or wearing them in a nude color that comes close to your skin tone.

flat loafers flats and jeans flats in kitty design

  • MIDI SKIRTS ARE A NO-NO – many believe that the awkward length of midi skirts can never be good for short ladies but that’s not true at all. At least not when I tried a few couple of them on. I think that as long as your midi skirt hits you in the right spot (that’s a little under the knee), they can look flattering on you. Going high waisted also helps a lot.

midi for petite girls midi skirt petite girl

  • STEER CLEAR OF ANKLE STRAPS – ankle straps provide support and security to the feet and the legs but short girls have been warned of these. They say ankle straps will make a short girl’s legs look stubby, I say otherwise. I think short girls can pull of ankle straps as long as the straps are on the thin side.

ankle straps ankle strap sandals in white

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