Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes are one of the things that a lot of women don’t mind spending their money on and I don’t blame them because we all know that shoes can make or break your outfit. A good pair of shoes can instantly make your whole outfit look more fabulous. Now, different kinds of outfits call for different styles of shoes and deciding on which pair to wear with each and every outfit every day can be a little tricky, too. Going shoe shopping is super exciting but not so much if you’re on a tight budget since your choices would be limited. Don’t fret, though, because you can totally look fab even without a closet full of shoes. All you need are a few must haves. Check out this list of shoes every woman should own.

  • Statement shoes – you don’t always have to wear the fanciest clothes and brightest and boldest accessories. There will always be days when you’ll just want to wear something simple and easy like a pair of jeans along with a comfy shirt but sometimes you’ll end up not wearing this outfit combo because you think it’s too plain and that’s where a pair of statement shoes would come in. Statement shoes will liven up even the plainest and most simple outfit. Wear it on days when you don’t feel like putting too much thought and effort in what clothes to wear but still want to look fab.

fab statement shoes

bright red statement shoes

  • Pumps – pumps are perhaps the most basic pair of shoes and they’re one of the very essential ones. You can wear a pair of pumps with just about anything from jeans to shorts to skirts and dresses. You can wear it with casual looks, street style outfits and your whole work wardrobe as well. You can even wear it to complete your going out outfits for dates or just a fun day out with friends. With that said, I think it’s pretty clear now why every woman should own at least one pair of pumps. If you’re getting your first pair, I would suggest going for a black or nude pair so you can use it as your go-to pair of shoes anytime

basic black pumps metallic silver pumps

  • Flats – as much as we’d like to walk around in heels all day every day, there will be times when you’ll just want something comfortable on your feet that will allow you to walk normally instead of on your tippy toes and those are the days when you need flats. Flats are also great for simple looks, casual outfits or for dressing down a fancy look. Flats have become a favorite for a lot of practical fashionistas out there who know the importance of giving the feet a break.

animal printed flats gray tory burch flats

  • Wedges – if you’re a petite lady who loves getting a boost in height from heels but wish you had the option to give your feet a break at the same time, go for wedges! They’re stylish and they’re way more comfortable than pumps but they do make you look a few inches taller so it’s always a win-win.

espadrille wedge outfit cute wedge outfit

  • Sneakers – of course we all need to work out and get fit and you can’t do that comfortably if you’re wearing heels or wedges so investing in a pair of sneakers is equally important, too. Aside from your workout gear, you can wear your sneakers with sporty looks as well. You can even wear it with girly pieces like dresses to give them a kick.

green sneakers and all black outfit dress and sneakers


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