Romantic Outfit Ideas for Cold Weather

Winter Outfits for 2014

The best way to wear winter fashion is not in dramatic layers but how you actually match each piece to come up with romantic outfit ideas for cold weather.  Since you can’t be underdressed, looking overdressed yet not over-the-top is very much accepted. In fact, it is fabulous and nobody will comment that you look out-of-place.

How do you assemble a nice romantic outfit for the chill or snow? Think about layers for later because there are other ways to shine all winter round. Here are some fun and chic ideas for  cold weather style:

1. Strength of Embellishment. Now you don’t have to go all strapless but if you’re into shiny things and appliques, then this trend is for you.



2. Animal Print Cliche

Overused and abused? Maybe, but we all love animal prints. Who doesn’t?


3. Leather Power. Plus cute prints for the top? So stylish. You can not think of any other way to upgrade leather at the moment.


4. Cover Lovin. When you don’t want to get too chilly but still need to look smashing at the same time, never leave the house without a sexy coat on. A good embellished or printed jacket will also do. don’t forget the tight pants or leggings as well. Feeling adventurous? Wear colored leggings, jeggings, or whatever you want to have on.




5. Big Skirt Parade. Floor-sweeping or full skirts will make you look like a queen this winter season. Don’t hesitate to pair them with printed tees for a bit of funk. Maxi skirts or a-line skirts are heavenly this year.



6. Flora and Fauna Galore. Uber feminine is what we call floral and bird prints that are rocking winter fashion 2014.



image credit : Josie Feather

7. Snow Queen Glamour. All covered up is the only appropriate choice and less is never more, unless you’re expecting sun and sand all season. For formal events, go elegant and daring. Never wear anything short or revealing the ankles.



8. Schoolgirl Syndrome. The winter classmate look is new, thanks to vintage polkadots, beanie hats, and oxfords.


9. Vampire Fantasy. What could be more dashing, seductive, and sophisticated than fang-fabulous fashion? Best in red and evening gowns, you’ll never go wrong in one of those dresses.