Refresh Your Spring Looks with Andreea Panciuc

If you’re tired of your go-to outfits, you might lack some inspiration on mixing and matching your wardrobe essentials. Mind behind the Launeden blog, formerly known as Dreaming of Chanel, Andreea Panciuc is a Romanian blogger known for her creative street looks. Since spring season is the perfect time to experiment and be creative on your style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Andreea.

Mix modern ensembles with classic pieces.

classic all black outfit

striped sweater with silk pants and statement necklace classic coat with breezy top

Classic ensembles may be timeless but it’s time to get creative on your style this spring season. If you have a lot of classic items in your wardrobe, think of updating them with modern ensembles to change up its look. Like Andreea, add some feminine flair to your classic coat with a ruffled blouse, baroque-inspired earrings, and vintage briefcase bag. Or get that unexpected look with a striped sweater teamed with silk trousers and a bib necklace. Also, think of architectural silhouettes, structured pieces, and modern cuts that will refresh your classic ensembles instantly.

Get dressy on your weekend style.

denim culottes with white top sailor inspired dress embellished sweetheart neckline jumpsuit with hat

If you usually wear jeans and tee on weekends, it’s time to dress up a bit. Like Andreea, you may think of a sailor-inspired dress or an embellished jumpsuit that still look casual yet a bit dressy. You may even think of casual-chic dresses that will give you a polished and effortless look. Or trade your skinny jeans with a pair of denim culottes that will look chic with a white blouse. This way, you can refresh your go-to looks while showing off your creative skills on mixing and matching your wardrobe ensembles.

Be expressive on your style with prints.

graphic watercolor print top with wide leg pants chic tropical print jumpsuit chic floral print jumpsuit

Spring season is all about fun colors and creative prints so think of floral patterns, tropical prints, geometric patterns, graphic prints, abstract patterns, and even novelty ones that will add some flair to your looks. Like Andreea, you may channel your artistic vibe your may opt for a watercolor print top teamed with culottes that look creative and spring-inspired. Or, get that breezy-chic style with floral print jumpsuits that look perfect for garden parties, weddings, and even casual weekends.

Add some unexpected twist to your street looks.

pastel blue oxfords with preppy sweater lavander pumps with pastel blue skirt black maxi dress with sneakers

If you usually wear your sneakers with your athletic outfits and your classic pumps with chic ensembles, it’s time to refresh your looks. Like Andreea, you may wear your favorite sneakers with a black maxi dress to give you a sporty-chic style. Or, think of wearing unusual color combinations to give you an eccentric statement. You may even think of wearing unique and statement-making accessories that can add some interest to your looks. By heeding these tricks from Andreea, you’ll be able to refresh your style while staying true to your individuality.

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