Red Carpet Inspired Naked Dresses You Can Wear in Real Life

If waiting to see what all the stars are wearing is one of the main reasons you even watch award shows, you know that the Naked Dress trend is a thing and that more and more celebs are getting at it. I think there’s something sexy about wearing nothing but a load of lace and sheer fabric but I don’t think everyone can just pull it off quite as chicly as the stars. With celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian leading the pack, you just know it’ll be hard to pull off the look. Thankfully, there is a workaround to it and there are ways that you can look great in one. Here are some red carpet inspired naked dresses you can wear in real life.

naked dress beyonce

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  • SHEER ELEGANCE – this gorgeous look by Anja Rubik screams vintage elegance. The lacy, ruffly ‘naked’ dress in black looked amazing with a nothing but a pair of paneled hot pants underneath. Finished with even the most basic pair of black flats, this ensemble was oozing with chicness and sophistication.

sheer elegance anja rubik


  • STREET STYLE OVERSIZED SHIRT – okay, so this one is not a dress, per se, but you can wear it like one if you want to. It would actually make a perfect street style dress this summer as it is super light, airy and breathable. This oversized shirt is a great naked dress alternative for those looking for something less ritzy glitzy and more street style.

street style

  • LACEY NUDE – if you think the Naked Dress trend is too racy, check out this classier version. It’s a softer, more feminine take on the Naked Dress and what’s more is that it is totally wearable in real life! This Naked Dress version would make a great date night ensemble if you want to put on something to tease your guy’s imagination without taking the racy route. Get it here.

nude lace

  • EYELET ORGANZA – if you’re not a fan of mesh-y fabrics, this eyelet organza midi dress is sure to make you swoon. It is perfect for a hot summer day. It is a super chic version of the Naked Dress but isn’t totally naked and it is something that I see anyone pulling off successfully and effortlessly.

eyelet organza

  • SUMMER SHEER – this gorgeous look on Jena Malone was one of the best looks from this year’s Coachella (weekend 1). It’s a very simple Naked Dress that you can wear to the beach or just about anywhere for a nice, warm summer day. You can get the dress here.

summer sheer dress


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