Rebecca of Clothes Horse Blog: Quirky and Retro Inspired Fashion

When saying retro, probably the first thing that comes into your mind is the recollections of the past popular styles. Styles such as bright and lively hues, signature pin up dressing, classic prints and patterns, floral prints, ruffle details, and patterned socks and tights are notable in retro style. The style is typically feminine but not provocative and daring. So, let’s have an inspiration for retro-inspired style which will take you into a small journey to the past in a modern and quirky style.

Rebecca, an American living in Northern Ireland, is one of the most well-known fashion bloggers recognized for her impeccable style. She definitely has a love for retro styling of head-to-toe but also quite quirky, feminine, and modern. Her blog, The Clothes Horse, has become a major source of inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere.

Rebecca’s style of mixing her wardrobe is so inspiring and creative especially when she wears blouses under dresses, as well as dresses layered under skirts, or under tops. Want to channel Rebecca’s quirky, feminine, and retro style in your own style? Here are some tips to get your inspiration going.

Dress in a modern pin up style.

Pin up style is one of the most romantic and gorgeous styles for accentuating your femininity and charm but not risking creating provocative looks. This style is a great alternative for walks and for hangouts, as well as for romantic dates and many other occasions.

kerchief in flower dress

pin up style in pastel dress pin up style square bag

Wear pin up accessories such as lace gloves, open toe shoes, boots, wide brimmed hats, kerchiefs, headbands, tights, belts, square bags, and such. As for pin up hairstyles, you may opt for retro hairdos like waves more preferably styled with the feel of the ‘50s. Pins and brooches are all welcome. Lavish curls, options styled with headbands and ribbons or just straight hair styled with an accessory will all do here.

Opt for classic prints and patterns.

cherry print dress classic checks stripes green striped dress polka dots top floral dress

Rebecca is a fan of classic prints and patterns as seen in her photos. She wears dresses, blouses, and skirts, in retro prints such as polka dots, stripes, checks, florals, and even fruit print patterns. But this time, you’re trying to channel a retro chic vibe so, avoid the urge of mixing prints. Pair your classic print pieces with plain, pastel, and simple separates. You may also create some contrasts with colors using monochrome dresses and matching them with classic accessories.

Wear retro style dresses.

all buttoned dress baby collared dress orange collared dress tie side dress embroidered skirt embroidered dress

The most diverse silhouettes are all in for this range from A-lines to body-flattering tight options. Opt for navy collared, baby collared, and paneled collared dresses and tops. Full buttoned dresses and with lace, embroidery, brocades, and tie side details are great options too. Dresses and skirts with ruffles, pleats, and straight shapes like tubes and pencils, generally cut at knee level came from the retro style too.

Fun tights and socks can really add pop to an outfit.

checkered skirt in black socks black patterned stockings

Rebecca loves to add colorful or patterned tights to give an outfit an extra pop of color or interest. Her use of unexpected patterns and textures is creative. If you’re not bold enough in wearing patterned tights, you could wear plain black socks instead.

Like Rebecca, be quirky and show off your feminine and retro style. Be creative, original, and classic.


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