Reasons to Get Yourself a Wrap Dress Now

Every woman needs an item in her closet that she can turn to on days when she doesn’t feel so good about her looks. For some, it’s a really sexy pair of jeans that emphasize their well-toned rear, to others it could be a nice top that lets them flaunt their assets while to a few other women, it could be a skirt that shows off their beautiful long legs. If you don’t already have that go-to piece that makes you look and feel good, you might want to consider purchasing a wrap dress the next time you go shopping. A wrap dress is something that I believe every woman should have in their closet. It’s universally flattering and it’s so easy to pull off. Here are some reasons to get yourself a wrap dress now.

  • It flatters every body shape and type – some women spend so much time trying to figure out what dress style will look good on them but you don’t have to go through all that anymore if you get yourself a wrap dress. Because of its simple silhouette and clean lines, a wrap dress drapes beautifully on any body shape / type and that makes it so easy to reach for it during times when you don’t have much time to put together a cute outfit.

hot pink wrap dress

wrap dress lbd

  • It’s very versatile – another reason why you should get yourself a wrap dress now is because it’s something that doesn’t have to leave your closet as you go into a new season since it’s wearable all year round. Wear it on its own or with flats for spring and summer, wear tights or leggings underneath for fall and layer it up for winter. There are just so many easy ways to style a wrap dress all year long.

cute blue wrap dress summer neon wrap dress

  • It accommodates all sizes – don’t you just hate it when a dress you really love doesn’t fit as soon as you start putting on a few couple of pounds, say for the holidays or just because you’ve been eating out a lot lately? Unlike these dresses, a wrap dress grows with you. Because the closure is often a side tie, it can accommodate a few couple inches added around your waist so you can continue wearing it while you’re trying to burn off extra weight. You can even use it as a maternity dress and it would still fit you after you’ve given birth. Now, isn’t that getting the most bang for your buck?

chic mini wrap dress striped wrap dress

  • It never goes out of style – just like many of your other closet staples (the LBD, jeans, a crisp white shirt), the wrap dress never goes out of style. You can style it any way you want to create a look that’s trendy and up to date. Wear it on its own as a timeless piece or accessorize with the latest trends in fashion, whatever you do with it, you’re sure that your wrap dress will always be something you can wear anytime.

black and white wrap dress

spring wrap dress outfit

  • It’s very easy to style – the wrap dress goes with anything and everything you have in your closet and your accessory armoire. You can wear it with any kind of footwear as well, from flip flops to flats to wedges and heels.

simple spring wrap dress retro wrap dress


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