Reasons to Add a Camel Coat to Your Wardrobe

A camel coat is one of the most basic yet versatile pieces of clothing that any lady can have in her closet. It’s something that everyone needs yet everyone overlooks at the department store or puts off buying or even takes for granted. If you still haven’t got yourself your own camel coat, check out these reason to add a camel coat to your wardrobe. It just might be that little push you need to finally get your first camel coat.

  • IT’S MULTIPURPOSE – first off, let’s start with the obvious here. One of the reasons you should get a camel coat is because, like most coats, it’ll keep you warm and toasty when you’re out braving a cold winter day but aside from that, it can add lots of style creds to your look, too.

camel trench coat

street style camel coat zoe saldana camel coat

  • A CAMEL COAT IS VERSATILE – if you’re looking for something that you can definitely and totally wear with literally anything and everything you have in your closet, be it for summer, spring, winter or fall, then you should go for a camel coat. Because of its neutral color, a camel coat will look fabulous with any look. It’s something that you can simply throw on top of anything when you’re in a rush –a no-brainer.

camel coat and leather holiday outfit with camel coat winter camel coat outfit

  • NO COLOR COORDINATION NEEDED – so, you know how sometimes you get a coat that’s super gorgeous but because of its color, the outfits you can wear with it are so limited? Not only that, picking out which colors to wear with it can be a real task, too. With a camel coat, though, all that isn’t necessary. You can wear it with any color, be it another neutral one or one that’s super loud and bright.

camel coat and cropped top denim on denim outfit with camel coat vintage look with camel coat

  • IT ADDS AN AIR OF SOPHISTICATION TO YOUR LOOK – whether you’re wearing your LBD or your crop top with your slouchiest pair of boyfriend jeans, you just know it’s going to look ultra chic the moment you throw that camel cape on. The simplicity of the camel coat makes it look very posh and elegant, making it something you can rely on to add an air of sophistication to your look.

beautiful camel coat outfit cool camel coat outfit ultra chic outfit

  • YOU CAN WEAR IT FROM DAY TO NIGHT – it’s not too boring and casual that it looks great for subdued daytime looks but neither does it look too clubby or dressy that you can only wear it during the night. A camel coat has the perfect balance of both worlds, making it something you can wear from day to night with ease.

all neutral outfit casual camel coat look tomboyish outfit

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