Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn: ‘70s Hippie-Boho Inspired Style

One of the most sensational styles that serve as trends in the world of fashion is the 70’s hippie-boho style, which became a means of conveying the individuality of a person, her distinctive vision of style and creativity. Despite the fact that ’70s hippie-boho style is viewed as “anti-fashion” and the decade of “a bad taste” by some people, many world-renowned designers constantly review this era, bringing back the looks of the ‘70s hippie-boho spiced up with a modern twist. If you like to be inspired by this style, be guided by a well-known fashion blogger in this style.

Michigan born, Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn is the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind the Jag Lever blog. Created her blog in 2009, Chicago schooled gal shared her love for 70′s hippie-boho vibe, nature, and Swedish culture. Though she’s not a Swedish, she just loves Swedish culture including fashion, art and music – that’s fittingly for the name “Jag Lever” to her blog that means “I Live” in Swedish.

The ‘70s hippie-boho fashion was all about independence, a variety of colors, eclectic looks and a tendency to complement various styles with each other. Even though refinement is the first thing that may come to your mind when remembering the style in a modern way, they still bring certain pleasure and exciting motifs of a carefree style, which never looks cheap.

fringe bag

boots tassel bag wooden platform boots fringed shawl 1. tie headbands scarf red

As for the common ‘70s hippie-boho fashion accessories, you may opt for scarves, head tie-bands, wide-brimmed hats, turbans, and oversized vintage sunglasses, as well as bags having bold tassels and fringes. In terms of footwear, wooden platform shoes and sandals are the best while chunky boots should come with low heels and a square nose.

flared pants maxi dress red patterned dress paisley pants

To thoroughly embrace the fashion of the ‘70s inspired hippie-boho, opt for layers of silhouettes such as denim, suede, leather, cotton, and linen. Details such as avant-garde style accents, tartans, checks, ruffles, kaleidoscopic prints, frills, paisley, floral, and fringes add to your inspired hippie-boho style. Since the ‘70s hippie-boho fashion is all about classic and mild earth tones, you may pick from various shades of brown, cream yellow, gold, khaki, orange, blue, and red. The ’70s hippie- boho is all about head turning and bold looks. So, mixing and matching such colors with each other strongly is highly preferred.

boots in tartan dress suede fringe vest tiered dress boho in black boho style dress

The easiest way to show off this style is incorporating some common hippie-boho style clothing into your wardrobe. You could wear maxi dresses with a relaxed style, hippie fringing designs, and ethnic patterns and team leather jacket or denim vest as your top. Opt for denim especially those high-waisted bell bottom jeans, ripped jeans, and flared pants hip-hugging flares or dramatic bell bottoms. In addition, you can switch to chambray shirts, denim skirts, jackets, jumpsuits, and denim vests. They can be worn just about with any style of tops such as turtlenecks, tunics, form-fitting tops, or peasant blouses with exquisite embroidery or ethnic patterns, creative ruffles and frills that both look elegant and feminine.

Flaunt your ‘70s hippie-boho inspired style to radiate the effortless chic looks and make a big sartorial statement!


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