Preppy Cool: Outfit Inspos from Chloe Sevigny

She is a former model and now an American actress, director, and fashion designer. Chloe Sevigny certainly has gone far. Now she is heralded as one of the most respected style icon. And personally, I have a love for her personal style.

Chloe Sevigny’s style has an air of preppiness to it but there is also that Parisian coolness that makes her outfits not stiff and stuffy at all. Instead, her looks give off this sense of laid-back elegance which makes them amazing street style inspirations. Below are 10 outfit inspirations from Chloe Sevigny’s preppy cool wardrobe.

  1. Donning an all-black outfit with a blonde hair like Chloe’s would definitely emphasize on her unruly bob. The black leather jacket gives just enough cool personality but it harmonizes well with the black slacks and loafers.
  2. Here we see Chloe Sevigny go playful in a top with a bow tied and blazer paired with a really short cutoffs and that cute camera-shaped sling. But she kept it chic with neutral colors and the loafers that we noticed are her favorite shoes.
  3. Ready to run an errand during a chilly day, Chloe is wearing a pair of straight-cut jeans with frayed edges and statement bomber jacket with her go-to loafers. This is an amazing outfit to wear if you are also going someplace that need not to dress
  4. Just in time for fall season, Chloe here is all wrapped up in a checked robe coat and she paired it with an pair of opaque tights and black
  5. In this striped romper with a classic dark wash denim jacket thrown over it, Chloe Sevigny definitely nailed the preppy Parisian cool down pat even with her minimal accessories of a brown bag and a pair of dark
  6. Here is another romper outfit that Chloe Sevigny nailed right down to the accessories and her hair. This looked so effortless, and maybe it is. This printed romper and loafer outfit combo is fabulous for when hanging out with your friends during the
  7. This outfit is no doubt the epitome of preppy Parisian cool. From the furry beanie that matches the pleated skirt, the upper half’s triple layer of a white shirt, sweater and a coat and  Chloe Sevigny’s reliable loafers worn with black knee socks. And with the abundance of neutral colors, either dark or light, her vibrant red lips stood
  8. Now if you are not one for looking like a high schooler, this equally preppy cool outfit may be the one for you. Here, Chloe wears a pencil skirt instead of a pleated one and that lace blouse not only strays this outfit away from a typical school uniform, it is an additional chic element and creates texture to the overall attire.
  9. You may think that this is much of a simple outfit. And yes, it may be so. But what makes this an amazing look is not the modish preppy dress. It is the choice of mules instead of boots which would have made this look grungey. But it isn’t. Chloe’s rumpled bob and the wayfarer sunglasses also adds that sense of cool that is subtle and more sophisticated than say wearing leather
  10. As we may have learned now, Chloe Sevigny is all about subtlety and minimal accessories. Her penchant for clean cuts and a laidback vibe is what makes her outfits have that coolness to them but she also quietly sprinkles a dash of elegance here and

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