Pre-Fall 2015 Trends to Wear

Pre-fall 2015 is a strange fashion schedule that traverses November until May. Sometimes it lingers until pre-fall, which gives credence to its’ name. Although the timing of this season is confusing, its styles should be something you should try now! Be at the forefront of fashion by getting your hands on these pre-fall 2015 trends.


Pre-fall 2015 trends are all about keeping stylish and cozy. Of course, a great way to do so is to wear layers. Put your clothes on top of one another for a comfy yet textured look.

prouenza schouler pre-fall 2015 layers

gray cape layered outfit

Ornamental Belt

A belt has many uses, but for pre-fall 2015 trends, it is used more as an ornament. Follow the fashions of Prada and Balmain by using a belt for decorative rather than purposive reasons.

balmain pre-fall thick belt roksanda pre-fall 2015 gold belt

Long Skinny Scarf

Updating the classics is one of the hallmarks of pre-fall 2015 trends. Such is the case of Givenchy, which has updated the long skinny scarf by styling it as a necktie.

gucci pre-fall 2015 scarf cavalli pre-fall 2015 tie scarf

Knee-High Socks

One of the pre-fall 2015 trends that can keep your legs warm and fashionable is the knee-high sock. As in the spirit of rejuvenating fashion classics, designers are reinventing these socks for the runways. Miu Miu invigorates the look by creating a haute couture, girl scout-like fashion style by sending its models in shorts and knee-high socks.

miu miu pre-fall 2015 knee-high socks vanessa hudgens knee-high socks

Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings might be reminiscent of Moulin Rouge, but designers nowadays consider them to be some of the hottest pre-fall 2015 trends. It can be a welcome alternative to your usual tights!

blake lively fishnet stockings ferragamo pre-fall fishnet stockings


A brooch is a hot item that can glamorize your look. This item can be utilized in a number of items, such as the blanket cape. A hot item in the past few seasons, and it continues to be one of the hottest pre-fall 2015 trends. Rejuvenate your look by keeping your cape together with a fancy pin or brooch.

brown cape with brooch

The same accessorizing trend applies with your favorite jacket. A stunning brooch can make your topper look like one of the runway’s most expensive pre-fall 2015 trends.

jacket with brooches

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