Power Dressing Tips 

Power dressing is not just about the look, it’s about prestige and supremacy. Command the attention you deserve – even if you are not high above the ranks – with these noteworthy power dressing tips.

Be Golden

Black is one of the best colors for authoritative fashion, according to most power dressing tips. But if you want to truly rise above the ranks, then pair your ebony outfit with striking gold jewelries. While it will help if you got the real ones, you can still look like the boss with exquisitely-designed fashion accessories.

black coat and suit

gold jewelry

Make it Monochromatic

Usual power dressing tips suggest that you stick with the same color, but modern fashionistas call for a unique, monochromatic look. Choose a fresh color – and wear it from head to toe. Add some accents along the way for a trendy yet influential look.

victoria beckham pantsuit white outfit

Keep it Simple

Yes, gold jewelry is perfect for power dressing tips. So even if you are not wearing an all-black ensemble, you can still capture a supreme look by wearing simple yet stylish jewelry. Avoid going over the top, as this will make you look like you are wearing fancy accessories. Tasteful jewelries and big-faced watches are just some of the pieces that can help you become a certified power dresser.

red dress

Be Luxurious

Certain fabrics can make you look stunning. That’s why for these power dressing tips, suiting up in pieces made of cashmere or silk is advised.  These fabrics can magically transform your look from simple office girl to beautiful boss. While they might be expensive, these luxurious goods can beautify you in a flick of a finger.

long gray coat

Throw on a Blazer

A solid can make a difference on your look, according to most power dressing tips. So if you want to upgrade your look instantly, then throw on a tailored blazer. A well-fitted blazer can mark the difference between casual from polished.

grey dress and suitwhite blazer

Flatter your Frame

While most power dressing tips are leaned towards finding the right clothes, do remember that it’s about choosing the right fit as well. Hemming your pants or adjusting the waistline of your coat can mean the difference between fab or drab.

pinstripe outfitblack pantsuit

The Shoe Should Fit

When it comes to power dressing tips, you should go beyond just dressing up. You should consider choosing the right footwear as well. It goes without saying that the classic black pump is perfect, but you can always go veer away from the usual. Another good choice is a pointy-toe patent pump.

amal clooney dress leopard pumps

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