Posh Ways to Wear Headbands

A headband may be known as for-kids-only style, but a right headband will make you glow and look polished as they offer a great style, comfort, and practicality all in one. Though small and simple in structure, they’re very fashionable and instantly add a touch of personality when worn. If you’re looking for posh ways to wear headbands in a grown-up style, keep on reading for styling this fashionable and practical accessory.

chic headband with feminine dress

gold head band with dressy outfit simple headband with sophisticated outfit simple headband with casual chic outfit simple headband with classic outfit simple headband with feminine outfit

For a simple and functional look, you may wear your headband with a bun that’s great for casual and formal nights when you think your outfit is already a statement on its own. Also, when you’re already wearing chunky and oversized necklaces and bracelets, a simple and plain headband will add some polished to your looks without looking overdone. However, if you’re wearing a very simple dress or outfit, you may look for simple headbands with small details to instantly make it chicer without stealing too much attention on your head.

baroque dress with gold headbandretro headband with classic outfit vintage headband with black dress vintage headband with victorian outfit

For a vintage-inspired fashion style, you may look for wide and thick headbands to match with your vintage dresses. You may also match the same color and material of your headband and outfit just like wearing a lace headband with a lace dress or a pearl headband with pearl jewelry. Also, if you’re wearing a baroque style dress with gold details, you may go for a gold headband to complement your theme. Shiny and glamorous details are great for a retro chic look. Just for big hair, statement headbands, and a retro-inspired dress and you’re good to go.

colorful dress with colored tights gypsy headband with navy dress hippie chic outfit

For a hippie-chic style, wear a headband straight across your forehead almost like you would a sweatband but without tucking or keeping your hair in. Just keep your hair straight and loose and complement your looks with bohemian-inspired outfit and accessories. Suede and leather fabrics are known for bohemian fashion and tassels and fringes are signature details of a bohemian fashion that you may go for.

floral headband with cute outfit floral headband with retro outfit flower headband with red dress

For a feminine fashion style, you may go for floral headbands to soften your edgy looks and dress up your casual looks. If it feels daunting for you, you may start with small flower details on your headband in classic shades to look more muted but chic. On the other hand, if you’re feeling adventurous and daring, go for elaborate floral details and wear your headband in a gypsy way. This way, your accessory speaks of you without even saying a word.

big bow headband bow band with denim romper quirky headband with boho outfit quirky headband with white dress ribbon band with polka dots pants ribbon headband with checkered top and sequin skirt

As we have mentioned before, headbands instantly add a touch of your personality when worn. So, if you wish to show off your quirky side, then go for headbands with quirky but cute details like ribbons, big bows and such to add some fun to your plain looks. Feel free to go for bolder shades if you feel proud on your adorable looks.

floral crown headband gold and leather headband jeweled headband with lace top and maxi skirt jeweled headband pearl headband

If you feel glamorous, go for statement headbands with striking details to make a statement on their own. These pieces are great especially if you are constantly running out of time doing your hair in the morning as their pretty ornaments and jewels keep your hair from getting messed up. Jeweled ornaments, gold accents, crystal details and such are the perfect accessory for a fancy event. It serves to show off your impeccable skin and look chic without overdoing it.

turban headband turban headband with fur jacket turban headband with classic outfit

Headbands are not just for a fancy party, but you can also wear them during your daily errands. Create a modern turban by tying your kerchief resembling to an oriental turban to keep your hair neatly in place. Also, it will add some definition to your casual street style.


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