Posh Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt

For those of you out there who think a miniskirt is just too short for them and a maxi skirt just a tad too long, I’m sure you’ll love the midi skirt. The midi skirt is the perfect skirt length for those who can’t decide on whether to go mini or maxi. It’s also one of the best skirt lengths to rock because it is universally flattering which means that you can pull it off no matter what your height and body shape is. Here are some posh ways to wear a midi skirt.

  • FULL MIDI SKIRT – if you’re looking for a more dramatic take on the everyday midi skirt, a full midi skirt might just be what you need. Fuller styles add more of that ladylike flair to any look. It’s a great look to wear on days when you want to look extra chic and ultra femme.

full midi skirt in pink

full purple midi skirt

  • PENCIL CUT MIDI SKIRT – on the other hand, if fuller and more dramatic look isn’t your think and you’re more of the sleek and sexy kind of girl, a pencil cut midi skirt is something that I’m sure you will enjoy. A pencil cut midi skirt is a great way to show off your curves, too, since it tends to hug your figure.

pencil midi and leather crop top pencil midi in colorful stripes

  • FRINGE MIDI SKIRT – wearing a fringe midi skirt is a great way to welcome the fall season. We all know fringe is and has always been a fall staple and wearing them on your midi skirt for a sassy street style look is definitely a good way to get your fall fashion started.

fringe midi skirt and crochet top fringe suede midi skirt

  • LEATHER MIDI SKIRT – another fantastic way to wear a midi skirt is to wear it in leather. Leather is a great fabric that you can wear all year long but wearing it as a skirt is an amazing way to make this rather macho fabric more girly and feminine.

leather midi skirt by olivia palermo leather pleated midi skirt

  • SHEER PANELED MIDI SKIRT – looking for a way to make the conservative – looking midi skirt a little sexier? Opt for a midi skirt with sheer panels to show off some skin in a very subtle way with a delicate touch.

sheer panel midi skirt outfit sheer side panel midi skirt outfit

  • FRONT BUTTON MIDI SKIRT – do a little blast from the past with a cute little midi skirt that features a front button closure. This style was pretty popular back in the 80s and the 90s and it makes a great little throwback today. If you want to go all out on creating a look inspired by fashion from the past, you can opt for a denim or suede midi with front button closure, too.

front button midi skirt in navy front button midi


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