Posh Fashion Advice from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is more than just a singer and a socialite, she is a fashion icon as well! Look as elegant as Posh Spice by following the fashion advice dispensed by Mrs. Beckham herself.

“Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Turtleneck.”

This style mantra is duly applicable, especially this winter season. Not only will it keep you fashionably warm, it can hide your post-holiday binge belly as well. Whatever the season might be, a good turtleneck is something you should use as often as needed.

victoria beckham turtleneck

black turtleneck outfit

“Wide-leg Trousers are Always in Style.”

In the sea of usual skinny jeans and trousers, you can stand out in wide-leg trousers. These 70’s reminiscent bottoms are fashionably versatile, as you can match it with any top in your closet.

victoria beckham wide leg pantsblack wide leg pants

“The Ultimate in Easy Rider Cool? The Perfect Biker Jacket.”

Biker or not, you will surely look cool in a perfect biker jacket. After all, this sleek and warming cover-up is perfect for all the fashion seasons of the year.

Victoria Beckham sighting - Heathrowblack biker jacket

“It’s All in the Details.”

It does not matter if you are wearing a cheap coat. What matters most is that it has the details that will make you stand out. No matter what outfit you wear, make sure it has the details that will make you look stylish and stately.

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007 - Chanel - Front Rowdotted top and overalls

“Go Big or Go Home.”

Don’t cower in a safe outfit. If you want to stand out, then you have to go big, according to Victoria Beckham. Dress up in large prints and over-the-top styles. If not, you might as well go home!

victoria beckham over the top dressprinted fringe dress

“A Bag is a Personal Statement. Make it a Good One.”

A bag is not just a sack for your personal possessions, it is a reflection of your personality as well. Stay away from generic bags and choose one that mirrors your style and flair. It need not necessarily be expensive, as looking good does not have to cost thousands of dollars.

Victoria Beckham carries her daughter Harper, as she exits her New York City hotel for a meetingorange statement bag

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