Polka dot shorts with tank top

You’ll be my American Boy.

Let it be known that the sun puts me in a very odd mood. That, and the fact that it’s almost time for me to go down to London. It’s all sunny swings and roundabouts over here. Regardless of the weather and the assortment of park-based equipment, I a little bit of a different (read: completely and utterly ridiculous) outfit post for you all. The outfit itself is nothing special, a comfy but cool look to keep you looking fabulous without melting in this heat, but, like I said, the heat didn’t do anything to calm my rather ridiculous mood.shorts and crop top
Top: Charity Shop 50p / Topshop £?
Shorts: Primark (at least two years ago)polka dot shorts and top
Going from one bizarre pose to another. Fab. I picked this cute little vest up from a charity shop just the other week, the distressed American Flat print in keeping with the Fourth of July celebrations just the other week. It’s quite nicely fitted, what with it buying a size 6, so you can team it with high-waisted shorts like these if you’re a bit scared of showing off your midriff, or similarly, you can go all out and flash that gorgeous stomach of yours. Whatever shakes your American-Flat-printed-boat. polka dot shorts and tank top
I just picked up a denim-effect skater skirt last night and found that teaming the two together creates a rather effortlessly cool look. The fit of this little cropped vest and the cinching-in-at-the-waist skirt go together so perfectly, that it’s definitely going to be a contender for my outfits to take to London. Speaking of which, I really should start planning them. Ho hum.
I hope you’re all making good use of the Sun! I hope it sticks around long enough for London!

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