Plus Size Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

Being a plus sized fashionista isn’t easy. What you see and fancy from the runways and from the pages of every magazine you are subscribed to may not exactly be what is available for you. It’s a known fact in the fashion industry and we’re happy that a lot of designers, both old and new, are taking the initiative to change this and make it easier for stylephiles on the heavier side to look fab and be chic. If you’re a plus sized woman, you know that there are certain ‘rules’ that the world tells you you need to follow to look slimmer and more fit. I say, to hell with those rules! Check out these plus size fashion rules worth breaking.

  • STICK TO SMALLER PRINTS – back in the day, plus sized women were told to stick to smaller prints to create the illusion of a smaller and slimmer silhouette. Today, we see gorgeous plus sized models rocking the biggest florals and the largest polka dots and they couldn’t look any more fab. As it turns out, print size doesn’t matter. What really matters is the way a piece of clothing fits on you and hugs your body.

printed top and shorts

printed floral dress

  • COVER UP YOUR ARMS – big arms used to be considered a flaw in fashion but today, our plus sized fashion friends are showing us that you don’t need to cover up your arms if you don’t want to. You have as much right to bare your arms as the girl next door.

sleeveless ombre top sleeveless white vest

  • STEER CLEAR OF FITTED CLOTHES – women on the bigger side used to be told to stick to loose fitting clothes so as not to emphasize their curves too much. Who says that has to be the case with everyone, though? If you love your body and you’re proud of it, wear what makes you feel good and what you think makes you look good, even if that means skintight jeans and a graphic top.

form fitting outfit form fitting lace dress

  • BUY BLACK – black sure does make you look leaner but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other color aside from it. Fill up your wardrobe with the brightest and most vibrant hues and use shape, structure and style to get a slimmer looking silhouette. Looking slim isn’t always in the color you’re wearing but rather on the style you’re sporting.

colorful plus sized outfit colorful and bright cardigan

  • STRIPES AND PEPLUMS WILL ALWAYS BE NO-NO’S – stripes are known to make you look bigger while peplum tops are believed to add more volume to the waist which is why many plus sized girls stay away from them. However, when styled right and worn with the right pieces, these two no-no’s might actually just be a plus sized girl’s best friend.

cute plus sized outfit cute basic outfit for plus sized women


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