Party Outfits Inspired by Popular Cocktail Drinks

Headed to a party tonight? If you have already run out of style ideas, then try to draw inspiration from your favorite cocktail drinks. These trendy, beverage-inspired attires are sure to make you fizzle amongst the sea of ordinary outfits.


Want to dazzle in a formal gala or special party? You can do so in a Champagne-inspired outfit. You can dazzle in a romantic, Champagne-colored dress, which is truly reminiscent of the Champagne vineyards in France. Throw in some baubles and you are sure to shimmer like a bright star in the night sky.

champagne gown

champagne top and skirt

White Russian

White Russian is a creamy beverage made of vodka, coffee liqueur and cream. Be as dreamy as this lovely cocktail by creating a White Russian-inspired attire. Get the look of this popular alcoholic beverage by assembling a look made of cream and brown pieces. If you’ve got a white-to-brown ombre skirt, it can just be the perfect ending to your White Russian outfit.

white and brown dress white top and brown skirt

Dirty Martini

Look sexy and sultry for the night by drawing inspiration from one of the world’s most famous drinks: the Martini. Take the cue from the martini’s sexy glass by donning a sexy dress. Olive-colored accessories and jewels can represent the green garnish that the drink is famous for.

white dress with green jewels white top and green skirt


Cosmo is a delicious drink made of vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lemon juice. Just as vibrant as its taste is its color, from which you can draw great fashion inspiration. Be just like a cute Cosmo drink by choosing key items in bright cranberry or red-orange. Put on red lippy – as it can be the cherry on top!

orange coat and cranberry outfit pink sweater and red scarf


This traditional Cuban drink is favored by many. With its minty kick, it comes as no surprise why it was the favorite drink of author Ernest Hemingway.

mint and yellow dress

If you love the Mojito as much as the famous American journalist, then why not dress up in a Mojito-inspired outfit? An attire with specks of mint green and yellow will surely make you crave for this white rum and lime juice concoction.

mint blazer and printed skirt

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