Paris Fashion Week Style Inspirations 

The Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, but its trends continue to reverberate up until this day. After all, it’s one of the most-awaited fashion celebrations to hit France – and the entire European Union. Keep abreast with the City of Light’s avant-garde designs with these Paris Fashion Week style tips.

Menswear is Still in

Menswear is one of the hottest trends of the past seasons. But because of its sleek style and sophisticated appeal, it continues to dominate the Paris Fashion week styles. Coats and boyfriend jeans were the foci before, but now, the spotlight is focused on men’s vests. As seen on the Chloe runway, this versatile menswear trend is something you can take from spring fashion to fall/winter style. Most importantly, you can wear it to work for a chic and dynamic office attire.

blue sleeveless vest

grey sleeveless vest yellow vest

Keep it Long, Very Long

Although spring enables us to wear shorter sleeves, the Paris fashion week style of Stella McCartney tells otherwise. In her runway sessions, the iconic designer showed that long sleeves – especially the very long ones – are perfect for daytime looks, as well as nighttime glam. If you’re living in a warmer area, you can still follow this Paris fashion week style tip by opting for thinner or sheer fabrics.

long sleeve dress black long sleeved top white long sleeved top

Turtleneck + Button-down Top = Fabulous!

Layering is essential to spring fashion, and you can see it in many Paris fashion week catwalks. But if you are looking for a unique kind of layering technique, then seek inspiration from the action-packed Hermes show. Here, you will see models wearing turtlenecks underneath button-down tops. Truly svelte, this Paris fashion week style tip is one you can adapt to your fall and winter outfits.

turtleneck and button down polo turtleneck and button down top

Play Peek-a-Boo

Sheer is one of the hottest trends, as seen in many Paris fashion week style sessions. But if you are looking for a panache that’s uniquely French, then imitate Yves Saint-Laurent’s sheer top and bra combo. This is the perfect formula if you want to show some skin – without baring it all. For best results, choose a lacy or well-decorated bra that can upgrade your look.

sheer top and colorful bra black sheer top printed sheer top

It’s All About the Brooch

Brooches were very elegant a few decades ago, and they have made a comeback right now. Surely, this will make your mum (or grandmum) very proud. Go through their dust-covered accessory chests and raid their brooches (the more, the merrier.) With these accessories, you can enjoy the glamorous Paris fashion week style that was popularized by Balenciaga, among many other designers.

central brooch outft chanel brooch three brooches

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