Pantone Color Trends for Spring Outfits

This spring, the Pantone institute campaigns for softer and cooler colors with underlying warm tones. Take inspiration from the minimalistic colors that mirror the “en plain” air theme with these stunning Pantone color trends for spring.


Taking the top spot of the Pantone color trends for spring is Aquamarine, which is characterized as a dreamy and airy blue. It offers a watery feel that makes it cool and calming. Most importantly, the chic aquamarine color can reduce stress as well.

Goes best with: Glacier Gray or Marsala

aquamarine and gray dress

aquamarine and marsala

Scuba Blue

Pantone color trends for spring are centered on the color blue. Case in point: Scuba Blue, another cerulean shade that is perfect for spring wear. Despite its coolness, Scuba Blue offers a bit of whimsy to any outfit. With this hue, you can channel the carefreeness of spring.

Looks stunning with: Classic Blue or Lucite Green

scuba blue houndstooth outfit scuba blue outfit

Classic Blue

As it has been established, blue is the focal point of Pantone color trends. With that being said, another shade to try this spring is the classic blue. As the anchor color of the spring runways, it is a favorite amongst many designers. Apart from making you stylish, classic blue garments can also make you feel calm and confident.

Excellently paired with: Sandstone or Marsala

classic blue and marsala outfit blue and sandstone outfit

Lucite Green

Although Lucite Green is unpopular in the fashion world, it has become one of the hottest Pantone color trends for Spring. This shade is more than soothing to the eyes, as it looks so fresh and refreshing.

Paired best with: Classic Blue or Scuba Blue

lucite green outfit green and blue outfit

Toasted Almond

Bring balance to the cool Pantone color trends wit Toasted Almond. More than just appetizing, Toasted Almond brings the warm, sun-tanned feel to spring. Classic yet versatile, this neutral color can make you feel like everything’s going to be alright.

Worn well with: Lavender

lucite green outfit green and blue outfit

Strawberry Ice

Although its name suggests it to be cooling and refreshing, Strawberry ice is actually a warm color. In fact, this appealing shade is one of the top Pantone color trends for spring. By wearing garments in Strawberry ice, you will feel like you are “in the pink.” With that being said, you will definitely be glowing in Strawberry ice.

Works best with: Toasted Almond or Tangerine

strawberry ice outfit strawberry ice and tangerine outfit


Although most Pantone color trends are leaning towards the cool color spectrum, the list is not comlete without a refreshing color, such as that of Tangerine. While it can stand on its own, this juicy color can also complement a bevy of designs and patterns.

Jives well with: Toasted Almond and Strawberry Ice

tangerine outfit pink and tangerine outfit

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