Olivia Emily: ‘80s Inspired Fashion Style

1980’s fashion styles expressed a chic image through elegant earrings, pearl necklaces, clothing covered with sequins and diamonds as well as hippie, grunge, and gothic styles through Docs shoes, leather jackets, black lace dresses, accessories with spikes and studs and such. That means women in the 1980s had some fun as the styles were exceptionally flexible where you could wear some edgy style with leather jackets, and show off your grunge-chic looks with lace dresses and studded accessories. Wondering how to revive the ‘80s fashion style? Let’s have a fashion inspiration.

combat boots with floral pants

From Cheshire, England, Olivia Emily Harrison is a fashion blogger that has a deep love for the 80’s fashion style featuring crazy leg warmers, leather jackets, Docs shoes, lace dresses, bulky shoulder pads and tights, as well as acid-wash jeans that are dominant to her street looks. According to her, the music, films, TV shows, and cultures intrigued her so she grew up with that sort of influence to her fashion style.

fingerless gloves with 80s outfit gold necklaces with spikes

The simplest way of bringing the ’80s style back to present is to wear some accessories known from that period. Like Olivia, you may try fingerless or sequin gloves as it hit the big-time in the ’80s for punk-rock fashion. You may also style your outfit with tons of bracelets, a velvet choker, long hanging necklaces, crosses and spikes accessories, as well as hoop earrings. Wearing headbands and sunglasses or wearing teased hairstyle with loud makeup was popular with the younger crowd in the ‘80s. Shoes like Docs, pixie boots, brogues are quite interchangeable between outfits that scream the ‘80s style.

baroque dress black sequin dress lace maxidressblack leather dress

As a feminine punch to your ‘80s inspired style, be inspired by Emily’s dress choices like a maxi dress in lace fabric styled with a hat and boots. Also, an eye-catching patent leather dress or a fully sequined dress is a great night outfit as its glossy finish makes you stand out from the crowd.

bow tie blouse with velvet skirt leather jacket with spikes oversized sweater with high socks tartan blazer with 80s outfit

For your tops, look for something oversized or ones with shoulder pads. In the 1980s, it was almost impossible to find a blouse without shoulder pads it gives you a boxy silhouette that’s perfect for evening wear. There were also turtlenecks, tartan blazers, oversized sweaters, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, and a shirt worn over leggings, and bow tie blouses. Also, a leather jacket with spike designs gives off an edgy grunge look.

burgundy leather skirt high cut denim shortsleggings with 80s outfit pleated tartan skirt tartan leggings with 80s outfit

Acid-washed jeans with or without the ankle zippers and bows were another 1980s fashion staple. Miniskirts with pleats and tartan prints are a means to go. Though miniskirts first gained prominence in the 1960s, in the 1980s they were in leather and denim fabrics styled with boots, leg warmers, or leggings. You may also do a little experiment with leg warmers and stirrup pants. Usually made from a stretchy fabric, these stir up pants had an elastic “stirrup” hooked on the sole of the foot for where the pulling down creates an unflattering, triangle-shaped leg. Nevertheless, if you really want to commit to ‘80s fashion style, these pants are indeed a statement. Like Olivia, you may opt for leggings with a patchwork design to creatively show off your legs.

‘80s inspired fashion is indeed a flexible and creative style. Whether you love some bohemian, grunge, rock, chic, and gothic styles to your looks, the ‘80s fashion is definitely for you.

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