Office-Appropriate Shoes Every Career Woman Should Own

Shoes are not just protection for the feet; they’re the final touch to an outfit that helps complete the look and give it the vibe it needs. For many of us, it’s the shoes that carry the whole outfit. With a great pair, you can dress up a plain and simple look, you can make your legs look longer and leaner and you can even make yourself look taller. For the workplace, your choice of shoes gets pretty limited because you need to make sure that your look (yes, shoes included) send out the right message and that is “I am here and I mean business”. Here are some office-appropriate shoes every career woman should own.

  • BASIC BLACK PUMPS – if you could only buy yourself one pair of shoes for your first day at work, make it a pair of black pumps. Black pumps may be basic but that’s what’s going to make styling them easier. You can wear them with anything and everything in your work wardrobe and you just know it will all look great. You just can’t go wrong with a classic pair like this. You can even make it your go-to pair on days when you just don’t have time to mix and match your shoes with your outfit.

basic black pumps outfit

basic black heels basic black pumps

  • NUDE PUMPS – wearing a skirt to work today? Make your legs look longer by wearing a pair of nude shoes, preferably in a shade closest to your skin tone. This will give you the illusion of longer legs and is sure to make everyone around you wonder where those legs came from. This trick also works for cropped pants that tend to make you look shorter.

nude pumps outfit nude pumps

  • COMMUTE SHOES – whether you’re still saving up for the car of your dreams or you just want to do your share of not polluting the air so much, commuting is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get to work. You’ll need to do lots of walking, maybe even standing, when going on a commute so make sure you have a pair of commute shoes that are light and comfy that you can wear while on the road.

comfy pink flats comfy sneakers

  • SECRET STASH –when you’re behind your desk and your feet are under, no one can see them so that means you can let your feet rest in a comfy pair of shoes like flats. Bring one to work, slip into them while you’re on your desk and back to your heels when you need to get away from the desk. No one else needs to know.

comfy loafers outfit comfy flats

  • STATEMENT SHOES – whether it’s a pair in metallic snakeskin or one in a bright and bold color, statement shoes are going to make your day at the office less boring. Of course, you can’t wear these everyday but on days when you are allowed to dress up however you like or on days when you’re having an office party, these are the shoes you’ll want to wear.

statement floral shoes statement yellow shoes


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