Nicole Warne: The Art of Elegance for Summer

The hot summer sun gives us the perfect reason to dress with a sense of understated elegance. The Sydney-based Nicole Warne, known for her elegant fashion style, is making waves in the Australian fashion industry and is set to become an Australian fashion entrepreneur. In 2009, Nicole launched her blog Gary Pepper, a style bible blog that reflects elegance and simplicity. Warne’s style is a bit more refined – classic, elegant, and feminine – which her readers love. Since she grew up in Australia, she was influenced by the warm climate and lifestyle, to keep layering to a bare minimum such as simple dresses and classy shoes. “I love playing with different lengths, colors, and textures, but I don’t like to overcomplicate things.” she stated in her interview.

white and gold dress Nicole Warne

white low back Nicole Warne white gray and black dress Nicole Warne
Maybe it is important to consider about how you are presenting yourself to the world. Warne’s secrets on getting an elegant style that is timeless are quite simple. How do styles become classic and elegant? We take a look at fashion, its influences and nail down styles that never go out.

checkered coat in black Nicole Warne white vneck top and black slacks Nicole Warne
Stick to simple clean lines and focus on quality. Aim for quality over quantity. Great quality is not a luxury; it lasts for a long time and may end up less expensive because you get more uses of each item. When you absolutely love a piece of clothing, you’ll find yourself wearing it over and over. Therefore, simply invest in what you love. Elegant dress up and buying principle is to look for quality stuff, invest only on what you love and do more with less.

lace top white slacks Nicole Warne
red lace dress Nicole Warne
The lace is a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and femininity. A lace gives the perfect look to everyday styling as lightweight fabrics create understated elegance in the form of sheer layers. Opt for designs with clean, constructed forms of design and volume that create a mood of modern sophistication and elegance.

white top pastel skirt gray shawl Nicole Warne white slacks Nicole Warne

Woven cotton is handled with appealingly highly detailed qualities, resulting in a stiff fabric that holds its contour. Working well on architectural outlines, dresses mimic origami constructions while clothes like shirts and tops are updated with a modern must-have status. Layers of matched apparel make a minimal statement for the day.

red coat white dress Nicole Warne all red coat Nicole Warne elegant navy dress  Nicole Warne

This summer, you can try things out in all kinds of bold colors with a touch of elegance. You can try colors such as red, pink, green, yellow and many others. Play with colors as much as you can. Textural qualities introduce depth while clean white contrasts. Match this color with neutrals like gray, black and white for an elegant look.

Appreciate the simplicity of only having a few pieces since being too fashionable is not quite elegant. Choose for timeless and classic styles. A timeless look is always fresh, neat and in place. And they affect our self-confidence more than we recognize. By doing this, you get dressed much quicker and you become more very creative to work with what you have. Nicole is convinced that simplicity and understated elegance say much more than any unnecessary accessories.

yellow flower print dress Nicole Warne black sweater and green skirt Nicole Warne checkered skirt Nicole Warne
When getting dressed, you have to consider shoes that come with all kinds of designing. Try the styles of pointed shoes that are out on the ramp and racks. While wedges do not find many lovers, some women like them as a fine and fashionable alternative to pumps. In fact, many style lovers consider wedges to be much more comfortable than heels. You can get such shoes that can be worn with evening gowns and cocktail dresses in style.

Stand out this summer for your classic style, elegance, and simplicity.

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