Nicole Warne: 5 Stylish Ways to Wear Knits This Winter

Winter season is the perfect time to wear your knits for warmth, comfort, and style. A timeless wardrobe staple, knits may sometimes be dull and plain due to its neutral and muted color. Looking for ways to wear them with elegance? The Sydney-based Nicole Warne, a fashion blogger behind Gary Pepper blog, keeps her winter layers creative and fashionable. Refined, classic, and elegant, Nicole’s personal style may inspire us to wear knits stylishly.

Knitted Shawl

olive coat with knitted shawl

Knitted shawls are chic and cozy perfect accessory for the winter. Shawls are becoming more stylish every time as designers make them more stylish and more versatile suiting every outfit you have. Neutral shades of shawl like black, white, brown, and gray are the basic ones that absolutely go well with any color of your outfit. There are also bright and neon ones that can really set off an outfit and can turn a seemingly dull ensemble into a colorful and glamorous one in seconds. Nicole creative opted for an olive-colored shawl to match with her forest green coat creating a stylish monochrome outfit. Having a range of knitted shawls will mean that you can wear them over plain garments when it gets a little bit chilly, while still looking stylish.

Knitted Tops

knitted sweater with chic skirt knitted sweater with skirt knitted top with plaid skirt knitted top with skirt oversized knit with neon skirt turtleneck top with wrap skirt

Whether a holiday sweater, turtleneck, or tank, knitted tops are alternative options to your feminine and chic tops when it’s cold outside. These top can also be paired with skirts and trousers that absolutely look chic even simple in style. Team with a knitted tube skirt for when the weather outside gets super frightful and you’ll be all geared up to go out. Like Nicole, you may go for fitting ones, loose ones, or even oversized ones to make up your desired look for the winter. Just polish your looks with a chic belt that adds structure and definition to your outfit.

Knitted Dress

knitted crop top with skirt knitted dress with shawl knitted tunic with skirt

If you’re a dress type of girl, sheer and cut-out dresses are not for winter, unless you’re going to top it with some outerwear. So, go for knitted dresses, knitted tunics, or even knitted matching set resembling a long dress. Like Nicole, wear them with opaque tights and your favorite boots to keep you cozy and stylish in the colder months. There are so many styles of sweater dresses ranging from plain ones to color-blocked ones that look sophisticated for a day and night outfit.

Knitted Under layers

knitted turtleneck with coat knitted underlayer with dress knitted underlayer with winter coat quirky sweater with neon coat and pants turtle neck with olive coat

Whether a turtleneck or a tank top, knitwear can be great as under layer garment to provide you more warmth and comfort than the other under layers may do. The shops are awash with some lovely knitted tank tops to team with a short or long sleeved top underneath for the day. They add a touch of smart look to your office wear, and you can mix them with different stylish coats that can make you look more stylish. Like Nicole, opt for a knitted turtleneck to pair with your winter white coat and skirt. If you like you could go all out with the knitwear theme on your looks.

Knitted Outerwear

knitted outerwear with winter outfit knitted blazer with skirt orange knitwear with palazzo pants

Cardigans, ponchos, coats, blazer, or vests, knits scream effortlessly chic no matter how simple its design may be. Gone are the days when knitwear was associated with matching twin sets and pearls, so feel free to throw over pretty much anything as they’re great to keep you cozy and stylish. If you’re having a particularly lazy day, top your looks with a statement outerwear whether it’s a poncho, cardigan, blazer, or coat, so no one will notice that you haven’t made as much of an effort with your outfit as your knitted outerwear does the trick.


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