Ndoema of the Global Girl: Avant-Garde Fashion Style

Avant-garde, high-fashion, and haute couture styles on fashion magazines are stunning, extravagant, and edgy that really worth your glance. Nowadays, these styles can be seen not only on red carpets and fashion publications but also on the streets. Avant-garde is a creative way of revamping your style through different and unique looks making you the center of attention in any street you walk into. But if you’re thinking about how to nail this look perfectly and flawlessly, let’s have a fashion inspiration from a style blogger who mastered and personalized this extravagant style.

Born in Central Africa and grew up between France and Switzerland, Ndoema is a triple-citizen style blogger that is recognized for her classic, minimalist, and avant-garde style reflecting a clean, graphic silhouette accented with statement-making accessories. Started her blog in 2012, The Global Girl serves as her online portfolio documenting her unique sense of style; as for her, the style is the best woman’s fashion accessory. She also shares her passions on photography, healthy living, fashion, and films to her readers.

choker necklace with white dress

cute clutch bag gold belt with black coat skull ring and turquoise brass bracelet

One of the effortless ways for pulling off this extravagant style is through avant-garde accessories. Think of some metallic elements and details such as silver and gold belts, silver skull rings, chokers, bangles with jewels, and even a chic clutch that will spice up your looks in an instant. Also, wearing some versatile pieces made from paper, fabrics, and metals are a creative way that contributes to the concept of an avant-garde fashion style.

open toe boots thigh high boots with pink coat transluscent heeled boots

When you prefer simple and tamed looks, you may opt for intangible painted shoes or unconventional boots for a statement. Ndoema wore transparent platform boots, metallic boots, unconventional suede boots, and even jewel-embellished boots to spice up her plain outfit.

sequin copper dress silver sequin cropped top with platform boots palazzo pants with sequin paisley blouse

Though sequins are an after-sought material when parties and holidays, avant-garde style loves sequins as it gives off some sparkle and shine to a traditional ensemble. Like Ndoema, you may pair your sequin top with palazzo pants or shorts or wear a fully sequin dress to be more glamorous and eye-catching.

leather crop top with shorts patent leather vest

You can make advantage of the patent leather this time as its glossy finish makes a statement. You may wear some jacket, vest, top, shorts, or even pants with other avant-garde pieces. If you’re not into glossy style, then opt for genuine leather instead that gives a subtle contrast. Avant garde style includes experimenting with fabrics, creating artistic silhouettes, and opting for different textures so the result will always be creative and innovative.

metallic peach jumpsuit metallic purple outfit metallic silver outfit

Fabrics such as velvet, wool, satin, or silk can be great alternatives too. They still give some shine in a subtle but sophisticated way. Like Ndoema, you may wear a silk jumpsuit, metallic blouse, and even metallic pants.

women tuxedo with striped pants one leg pants moroccan style chiffon black pants

Sometimes, avant-garde fashion style has sharp, modern cuts, or a futuristic feel. Ndoema’s avant-garde style features asymmetrical cuts, textures, and volume so you may add some dramatic details to your outfit by creating some asymmetry or showing your skin in an unconventional way. Like Ndoema, you may focus on your outfit structure like drapes, hemline, and pleats. Hone your skills in creating great color combination and design pairs so you’ll avoid looking foolish but instead looking stylish and original.

Avant garde fashion style is a statement on its own through its extravagant look, edgy style, and creativity. Since the avant-garde style conveys the craziest combinations, be creative, have fun, and a make a fashion statement.





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