NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Tzarine review, swatches

Review: NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Tzarine

Thanks for that VIB coupon Sephora, and another reason to go buy crap I don’t need.
Oh well, this was one product that has probably been on my wish list the longest, and the best time to purchase it is now.
The item that I have been lusting over is another famous NARS duo – this time in Tzarine.
I’ll give you a heads up that if you want to purchase this shadow in store, it isn’t with the regular eye shadow duo’s, I found it by itself with all the newer products, which is usually located at the top of the NARS wall at my Sephora.
NARS Eye Shadow Duo in TzarineNARS Eye Shadow Duo review
NARS Tzarine Eye Shadow  is an amazingly beautiful duo composed of two very unique shades.
On the left, you have a gorgeous light champagne. This has a very beautiful satin sheen effect, and it looks excellent as an all over lid color or as an inner corner highlight.
On the right you have this unique shade that almost looks navy, but it has some silver and grey undertones. This is one of the hardest shadows to describe, it’s just incredibly one of a kind.
 NARS Eye Shadow Duo swatch
The two shadows look flawless together, but could be used to create beautiful looks all on their own.
Personally, I think that I would love to wear the champagne shade all over the lid, the navy/grey shade in the crease, and some matte black winged liner with heavy mascara.
Do you own NARS Eye Shadow Duo in Tzarine ? Will you be looking for it now?
If not, what are your go-to NARS duos? I have my eye on a couple more in the future 😉

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