My Summer fashion Wishlist

My Summer fashion Wishlist:
summer fashion wishlist
If you have ventured into the stores , you have probably seen that a variety of summer clothing is already out. This of course means an assortment of colours, bikinis and very short shorts meaning that we wish for summer to come sooner. The aztec shirt from Topshop (which is seen in the top left hand corner) definitely caught my eye today as I was browsing through the range of clothing and I just had to make a post.
Summer fashion ideas for your inspiration:
Denim shorts with cropped sweater e529c713891842008d75173f91a6920d
Bohemian jewelry and denim
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Diy t shirt

Crochet Summer Tops

Maxi dress
summer maxi dress
Hope you enjoyed this post, and tell me below what your staple for summer is!

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