My Pandora Bracelet

Hello Everyone!
After I posted my Christmas Haul, I got a few requests and e-mails to show my Pandora bracelet more in depth. I just received my bracelet for Christmas, and am still collecting charms, so I don’t have many yet. However, I figured that those of you who are also new Pandora collectors could get some ideas of the charms I started out with! There are a few that I have my eye on, and definitely will be saving up for in the near future!

Please let me know of your favorite Pandora Charms and what they mean to you!

Also, if you are wondering, I did show the bracelet in my Christmas Haul, but I didn’t photograph it here. Mine is the 7.5” Sterling Silver bracelet if you’re curious!

Onto the charms!

1 music note - Copy
The first charm was given to me by Eric and it is the music note. I have always loved to sing ever since I was young, and it still remains a passion of mine. He purchased this to symbolize my absolute love for music and to remember to never stop loving it!
2 graduation cap - Copy
The second charm I was given was also from Eric, and it is the graduation cap. I just graduated with my Bachelors in December, so he wanted to get me something to remember that by. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the college I went to (I felt like the teachers were totally not into teaching and just into a paycheck), I did value that I had the opportunity to get an education and the will power to get through it! I plan on continuing onto get my masters and eventually Ph.D in Psychology.
3 high heeled shoe - Copy
Also from Eric (is there a pattern here?), is my next charm – the high heeled shoe! Everyone knows that a girl loves shoes. If only they made a charm with makeup! I absolutely love this, just because it symbolizes my love for fashion perfectly. And reminds me that I need more shoes 😉
4 inner strength charm - Copy
This next charm is one that is most near and dear to me, and is one I actually picked up for myself after I received the bracelet, and it is the inner strength charm. Most of you that have been following my blog for long know that I have been on a pretty strict work out and weight loss regimen for almost two years now. I have lost over 100 pounds, and what that has done for me physically, mentally, and emotionally, is something I will never forget. I got this charm to symbolize the amount of strength it took to get where I am, and the amount it is going to take to keep going!
5 luggage charm - Copy
While Eric and I were traveling over the holidays, I picked up this luggage charm to symbolize our love for traveling and how I absolutely always seem to over pack. It’s become a little joke between us and our families. Whenever we visit his parents in Illinois, they always joke on how many bags I will be bringing! I love this charm because on the one side (shown) it says Paris and a little Eiffel Tower, and on the other side it has a little beach scene. I thought that was appropriate because I always wanted to go somewhere tropical as well as to Paris! Eventually!
6 memory treasure box - Copy
This next charm was a Christmas gift from my friend Amanda, and it is basically a little memory/treasure box. It is meant to symbolize always keeping your memories while constantly making new ones. I absolutely love anything that has to do with memories, like scrap booking or looking through old photo albums (I still own my baby books!), so this was incredibly perfect for me!
7 little boy charm
My very last charm was a Christmas gift from my boss, Stephanie, and it is this little boy charm. I don’t know if I have mentioned this or not but I am a private nanny for two little boys, and she purchased this charm so I will remember them always. The moment I opened this, the older (who is 4) comes and sits next to me and says “That’s so you’ll always remember us even if you ever leave”, and I swear I could’ve squeezed him! What a guilt trip too! 🙂

That is all for my Pandora bracelet so far!
I will keep you updated when I purchase or receive any new charms to add!

By the way, I always love getting requests for future blog posts to do, if you have any PLEASE leave them in the comments below, or send your requests directly to me at [email protected]!


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