Must Have Skirt Styles You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Skirts are a cornerstone of women’s wardrobe and there are many distinctive styles, types, and shapes to choose from. They are more practical than dresses considering that they are more versatile when it comes to getting dressed up or down. They can be worn for any event and can be effortlessly teamed with different tops.

Being familiar with the different styles of skirts and the one that fits perfectly on you can revamp your outfit fashionably. Let’s be familiar with the various styles of skirts to pick the perfect one for you.

1. A-Line Skirt
green A-line skirt

The A – line skirt is small at the waistline and then broadens perfectly as it reaches the hemlines. These skirts can be leg length or ankle length. This skirt style was referred to as ‘A-Line’ since they fit firmly in the midsection, highlighting the hips and legs but straight down they broaden, similar to a letter ‘A’. Other modifications of this style are Godet skirt, Gypsy skirt, and Paneled skirt. This style of skirt is preferred for you if you are pear-shaped since this style balances out larger hips and legs. This skirt style is not very complementing for thin women.

2. Gypsy or Tiered Skirt

gypsy and tiered black skirt

This skirt is a preferred laid-back skirt. There are various measures on this style such as, full, leg length, mini, and more. Gypsy skirts create an appealing look at introducing shape by tiers and are fitted in an A-Line style all over the midsection, but the length extends to the ankle. Bulky styles should be avoided all over the hip area for pear-shaped women, as it can take the focus to that zone of the body very quickly.

3. Godet skirts

Godet mini skirt navy

Characteristics of Godet skirts are fabric in triangular parts that are placed on the body of the skirt to the hemline. This results in a slimming impression for those women with a bigger waist and attracts focus from this zone to the hemline. This skirt looks good on apple-shaped women.

4. Bubble Skirt

black Bubble Skirt

Bubble skirts typically have a fitted waistline and then the base part of its hem being tucked back under, which create a ‘bulky’ impression of the design. The length of these skirts is just about above the knees. Because of the design of the exceptional hemline, fabrics are usually sleeker and more flexible. A few of them can be elegant as well when designed with satin or other class materials. This skirt looks great on a figure of an inverted triangle and straight body women as it adds volume to the hips.

5. Pleated Skirt

apple green Pleated Skirt

Pleated skirts have vertical folds running up and down the skirt. When you are moving, the skirt appears to open up. These sometimes reach to the knee or above the knee, and demand for ironing. Pleated skirts are informal or formal. It looks good on all figures.

6. Accordion Skirt

nude accordion skirt

Accordion skirts are often leg length or calf length and they have folds from the waistline down to the hemline. When you are moving, the folds make it possible for the skirt to expand. It is an excellent option for informal wear. This skirt fits all figures.

7. Circle Skirt

red circle skirt

Circle skirts form a perfect circle when placed level on the ground. When worn, it softly wraps down all over the body. These skirts are informal or formal. They are very hugging at the hips and are typically made of soft fabric. This skirt style is named circle is because the hemline creates a perfect circle. If you are slimmer in the body frame, go for shorter length and curvier women would like to look at a longer length because of the volume. Longer variations of this style are ideal for formal as well as special events.

8. Tulip skirt

navy tulip mini skirt

Overlapping pieces of cloth like the petals of a tulip create this type of skirt. Length is usually in the leg or longer, but not below calves. This skirt style gives a slimming impression and can be regarded for wear by all body shapes.

9. Draped Skirt

burgundy Draped Wrap Skirt

The draped skirt can be worn by all body shapes, as the fabric cut out for this skirt has a slimming effect.

10. Pencil Skirt

black Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are straight cut and they fit the legs tightly. It extends from the midsection to below the knees or down to calves. Given that, these skirts can be challenging to walk in. Pencil skirts can be casual or formal skirts that hug your body. These skirts are available in stretchable fabrics that are preferred for slim figures.

11. Wrap Skirt

forest green wrap skirt

Often they have a gentle flare style that can be secured by a button or ribbon. It is a perfect option for casual wear and is traditionally made of cotton. This style of skirt is primarily just a rectangular piece of fabric, which you wrap all over your midsection, and thighs. Wrap skirts are perfect for both curvier and slimmer women since the fabric is loose. Once you wrap the skirt, the style may even mirror an A-line skirt.

12. Layered skirt

Layered Skirt black chiffon lace

These skirts are regarded ‘layered’ when there is an extra layer of fabric that rests above the main outline of the skirt that brings a voluminous impression. A layered skirt is only ideal for those women with a thinner frame.

13. Asymmetrical Skirt

black leather asymmetrical skirt

Asymmetrical skirts are fashioned in a way that the cloth will have different measures on the hemlines. It is just an ideal preference for a night out. This skirt looks great on thin framed women as the cut reveals the slim legs.

14. Mermaid Skirt

Black Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid skirts are tight at the waist, broader all over the hips, skinny at the legs, and then they broad out at the hemline. This skirt style is similar to a mermaid’s tail by hugging from the midsection to legs and they are possibly casual or formal. Mermaid skirt looks great on an hourglass-shaped woman.

15. Tube Skirt

emerald green Tube skirt

Tube skirts are very identical to pencil skirts. The main distinction is the fact that they are made with flexible fabric and they typically reach just below the legs. These skirts are designed for women having an hourglass shape, as the improved fitting can be uncertain on the outline otherwise. They’re very suitable for formal affairs.

No matter what your style and body type, there are perfect skirt styles for your figure. Have delight in collecting must have skirts on your wardrobe to add a twist and vamp to your style.


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