Must Have Shoes for Fall

With fall being just a few weeks away, I’m pretty sure you’ve already started shopping for your fall wardrobe. If you already have fall clothes ready in your closet, why not start shopping for shoes? After all, shoes give your outfit that final touch. Every year, new trends emerge for each season and most of the time, we buy shoes to go with our fall outfits according to these trends but, of course, there are also basic shoes that everyone has to have no matter what new trends arise. If you’re planning on shoe shopping to complete your fall wardrobe soon, check out these must have shoes for fall that are sure to make your outfits pop.

  • Ankle boots – if you’re planning on stashing away your summer goods soon, make sure you don’t put away your ankle boots because those are going to be of good use even during the fall. Keep ankle boots that keep your feet covered. Those will give your feet just the right kind of warmth during the early fall. You can wear your ankle boots with dresses, skirts and shorts. If you’re looking for something to wear with pants, see the next item.camel ankle boots and tight jeans

suede ankle boots buckled ankle boots brown leather ankle boots

  • High cut boots – whether they’re knee-high boots, thigh-high boots or just the regular high cut boots, this is the kind you’ll want later on when fall starts to get real cold. Wear them over jeans or leggings to give your legs and feet extra warmth. You can also wear them with dresses but make sure you have something else underneath for extra warmth like a leg sleeve or a leg warmer.

lace up boots knee high boots fall outfit with high cut boots

  • Metallic shoes – whatever style you choose them to be, as long as they have a metallic sheen to it, they’re perfect for fall. One of this year’s fall’s biggest trend is going to be metallic colors so having at least one pair of metallic shoes to wear when you have on a plain and simple outfit is really going to come in handy.

black and silver outfit metallic shoes silver metallic heels and jeans metallic oxford shoes

  • Loafers – on days when you just want to give your feet a break from all the pain your fabulous heels have caused you, a pair of loafers would be something you’ll truly be thankful for. It’s the perfect shoe of choice if you want something easy, casual and relaxed to go with your street style outfits. Loafers, in my opinion, are the fall counterpart of summer’s go-to footwear which is flip flops. You can wear them anytime, with just about anything.

cute and casual fall outfit black leather loafers denim on denim fall outfit

  • Chunky-heeled sandals – not everyone can live in boots all season long and though you can definitely wear your regular, slinky, sexy shoes with the thinnest heels, there’s just something about chunky heels that scream ‘fall’. If you’d rather wear girly shoes, I suggest you get a pair with chunky heels. These just go way better with the ‘chunky’ theme of fall dressing.

animal print chunky heels early fall outfit chunky jacket and heels chunky heeled boots and skirt

  • Ankle strap shoes – another kind of shoes you should have for fall are ankle strap shoes. Fall is the time to wear tights under shorts and dresses but tights can make your feet slip out of your shoes so having something to secure them in like an ankle strap will help you avoid mishaps.  Ankle strap shoes are also dressier so they’re perfect for more feminine fall outfits.

fall dress and tights red ankle strap wedge black ankle strap shoes

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