Must-Have Fashion Essentials for Jetsetters

Do you often find yourself on board an airplane? Whether you travel the world for fun or for work, you should know the importance of a comfy yet chic style. Get the high-class jetsetter look with these must-have fashion essentials.

Cotton Tops or Dresses

Long-haul flights mean varying temperatures – ranging from the airport to the next airport. Keep yourself comfy and in style by wearing cotton tops. Another alternative is a cotton dress, especially if you like to look more feminine.

white cotton top

printed cotton dress printed cotton dress for travel

Cotton Camis

If you want to move in cozy style, then you need to know the cardinal rules of layering. The best starting piece for travel layering is a cotton cami. You can wear it as is in hot destinations – and as an additional piece for cooler places.

white cami for travel black cotton cami

Cardigan Sweaters

Your point of departure might be sweltering hot, but you might be headed to a below-zero destination. Get to travel in style – whatever your starting point might be – by layering your attire with a cardigan sweater. Not only is it fashionable, it can also work out as a snug blanket.

printed cardigan sweater beige cardigan sweater

Skinny Jeans

Classically stylish, nothing compares to the versatility of the skinny jeans. It’s perfect for long-haul flights, as well as for other travails in your final destination. For a comfy yet chic look, choose dark-wash denims made of stretch material.

dark skinny jeans dark blue skinny jeans


Getting from the ticketing counter to the boarding gate can be quite a long walk. Avoid calluses and wounds along the way by dressing your feet in comfy flats. Given the wide variety of styles out there, you will not find it hard to choose a trendy design that’s more up your fashion alley.

printed flats for travel cap toe flats


A lightweight yet versatile piece that you’ll definitely treasure during your travels is a good scarf. You can wear it around your neck for added warmth, or use it as an additional blanket for cold travels. You can even make it into a sun-protecting veil or a new bag!

gray knit scarf

brown knit scarf

Jetsetting might be troublesome, but you can enjoy your voyages in true comfy fashion. Just make sure to pack your bags with these great travel essentials.

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