Mother Nature Style: How to Wear the Air Element Fashion

Air, though invisible, is all around and needless to say, irreplaceable in sustaining life. Pure, light, and silently powerful, the element of air evokes a breezy and pristine vibe perfect for a classy and sophisticated look. Whether you wish to look like a goddess or simply wish to make your looks classy and sophisticated, keep on reading for our styling tricks on how to wear the air element fashion.

Select breezy, airy, and lightweight fabrics to capture the elusiveness of the air element.

breezy maxi dress

white maxi dress with printed clutch white lace top with palazzo pants nude blazer with culottes lace maxi dress with strappy sandals white mesh dress with strappy sandals

Opt for fabrics with free-flowing fabrics and diaphanous structure to evoke the breezy feel of the element. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may opt for an off-shoulder lace dress and gladiator sandals to channel some breezy vibe to your looks. Or, like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, opt for a sheer lace top that can be paired with flowy palazzo pants that embody the classy and sophisticated vibe of an elegant woman.

Opt for a pristine white shade that reflects the purity of the element.

plain white off shoulder dress with heels and bib necklace white maxidress with heels white maxi dress white dress with coat sheer white dress

Though the air is colorless and is usually felt, the white shade is the closest shade you may opt for to embody the purity of the air element. Like Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a creamy white off-shoulder dress that looks pure and sleek. Or, neutralize your all-white with a hint of nude or pastel shade that will add some elegance to your look without taking you away from the elemental theme you’re aiming for. Just go for the shades of white that flatter your skin tone such as optic white, off-white, bone, ivory, and such that can be a great reflection of the pristine element.

Wear avant-garde details that evoke the airy nature of the element.

avant garde outfit with clutch chic ruffled dress with cap toe shoes fur crop top with cute shoes

Fur, sequins, and even ruffles can add some airy vibe to your looks while embodying the nature of the element. Like fashion blogger Vanessa Hong, you may opt for a cut-out matching set of crop top and skirt adorned with white fur details to add some avant-garde feel to your outfit. For a classy and sophisticated look, be inspired by Nicole Warne’s style of wearing an off-shoulder dress with ruffled details on the sleeves that still reflect the purity of the air element.

skinny jeans with furry top and fringe with tassel sandals kitted-sweater-with-fur-skirt

Looking for a more wearable look? Draw inspirations from fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur by wearing a fur ornamented top with soft texture that can make your casual jeans chic and dressy instantly. Also, wearing a touch-enticing fur skirt with your favorite knitted top in the pristine shades of white can be great to wear the air element fashion without looking costume-y on your street style. By heeding our advice, you can now wear the air-inspired fashion whether you’re aiming for a goddess look, classy woman, or an eccentric style that conveys your personality.

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