More Chic Halloween Costume Inspirations

Even though Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, I’m pretty sure there are lots of you out there who still haven’t decided on what to wear or what to dress up as for this year’s party so we’re bringing you more chic Halloween costume inspirations inspired by all things girly, chic and fabulous (because we know not everyone is into gore as well, even for Halloween). If you’re looking for last minute Halloween costume inspirations for your look this year, check out what we have below. You might just find what you’ve been looking for all along.

  • Marilyn Monroe – got voluptuous curves? Why not dress up as Marilyn Monroe in that signature white dress that was blown by the wind? This one’s real easy since all you’ll really need is a white halter dress and a blonde wig (if you aren’t already blonde). Complete the look by doing a Marilyn Monroe-esque makeup and don’t forget to dot your eyeliner on to copy that beauty mark.

marilyn monroe costume

marilyn monroe inspired dress marilyn monroe white dress

  • Cleopatra / Egyptian goddess – another really chic costume you can make this Halloween is Cleopatra or any other Egyptian goddess. This is a great costume for those of you who are on a budget because you can literally cop the look with just white sheets, some cardboard, gold and jewel tone paint and lots of fancy accessories (which you probably already have). It takes a little while to DIY but it really depends on how detailed you want the look to be.

sexy cleopatra white pink and gold cleopatra egyptian goddess cleopatra

  • Catwoman – you know how they say Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up real sexy? Well, if you’re one who waits for Halloween to bust out the really sexy costumes, this one’s for you. A leather cat suit, a pair of cat ears, leather gloves and a mask is all you need to get Catwoman’s look. Perfect for unleashing your inner femme fatale, don’t you think?

catwoman costume idea catwoman leather costume all black c atwoman costume

  • Sexy ring master – we’re so used to seeing male ring masters do all the tricks at the circus that seeing a female ring master just seems so unlikely and so sexy, too! Think Britney Spears in her ring master costume while singing her song “Circus”. Hot, I know.

ring master costume circus ring master miranda kerr ring master

  • Leeloo – if you’ve watched the fifth element you know how hot and sexy the sci-fi character Leeloo is. That bandage outfit and fiery orange hair sure makes for a good Halloween costume. This look is perfect for those who use Halloween as an excuse to get real frisky and racy.

leeloo costume idea leeloo skimpy costume the fifth element leeloo

  • Playboy bunny – looking for a sexy Halloween classic? The Playboy bunny is something that never gets old. If you always go to Halloween parties, you know there’s always that one girl who’ll be the Playboy bunny with her bunny ears and skimpy suit on so why not call dibs and be that chick this year?

bedazzled bunny costume playboy bunnies green playboy bunny

  • Hawaiian hula hottie – bring back a little bit of summer and a lot of heat to the party by dressing up as a Hawaiian hula hottie for Halloween. Use plastic flowers instead so you don’t have to worry about where to get them from. Costumes can be bought from Target or Walmart but you can DIY one as well.

hula girl orange hula costume

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