Miranda Kerr Style Guide

Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is more than just a fashion model, she is a style icon in her own right. Whether she’s out for a walk or the catwalk, she never fails to mesmerize. If want to be just like her, then make sure to follow the rules of this Miranda Kerr style guide.

Haul Equipment Shirts

If there’s anything that you can take from this Miranda Kerr style guide, it’s that equipment shirts are the bomb. While there are many styles out there, do remember to invest in equipment shirts made from silk. After all, this luxe fabric can make you feel feminine – so you can channel a pretty Parisian chic.

miranda kerr equipment shirt

miranda kerr leopard equipment shirt

Rally for Boyfriend Cut Jeans

Most models adore skinny jeans, but not Miranda. In fact, she dotes on boyfriend cut jeans. And why not? These loose pants make her look good – without the need to squirm around skintight trousers. So if you plan on shopping, make sure to consider boyfriend jeans – the integral parts of the Miranda Kerr style guide.
miranda kerr faded boyfriend jeans

Be Beautiful in a Blazer

Although Miranda Kerr is often seen in daring dresses, she likes to cover up with a beautiful blazer. After all, this structured piece can add an air of elegance to any attire. Wear yours with an office get-up – or a glitzy party dress – to emulate this Miranda Kerr style guide.

miranda kerr black blazer miranda kerr gray blazer

Be Sporty

Unlike the fashion portfolios of other models, the Miranda Kerr style guide is actually geared towards sneakers. That’s because the Aussie icon is a fan of sneaks, especially the customized ones. Be just like the sassy model by wearing your luxe, dressy clothes with sneaks. These will make for a perfectly balance wardrobe, guaranteed.

miranda kerr black sneakers miranda kerr pink sneakers

Shield Your Eyes

Miranda Kerr is often up all night because of her fashion engagements, motherly duties, and what not. And when eye bags come her way, she stylishly conceals them with the use of big statement sunnies. This is in fact, one of the best Miranda Kerr style guide rules to live by. Whenever your eyes are not as sparkly as they can be, make sure to hide them behind statement sunglasses.

miranda kerr sunglasses miranda kerr sunnies

Go Organic

The Miranda Kerr style guide is not just about clothes, it’s about beauty as well. While others are clamoring for high-end make-up, Miranda keeps it simple with her organic beauty arsenal. She even has an organic beauty line under her belt (most of you know it as Kora.) While you don’t necessarily have to purchase her products, you can achieve her glowing look by investing in organic beauty products instead. They’re good for you – and the environment as well!

miranda kerr miranda kerr face

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