Military Style For Fall/Winter

Have you ever tried military style dressing in any way. If not, the best time to do it is now. Just start by one piece at a time until you learn to love it and be an army fashion expert. What you’ll need are just some hot army pieces. Don’t worry, you won’t be wearing grenade necklaces nor rifles in lieu of purses. Why military? Well if you haven’t noticed, just a single army item can upgrade an outfit but be careful, because you’re one step to downgrading it as well if you don’t know how to pull it off.

How do you dress in military style? Let’s mention the military¬† items and get you fashionably educated.


1. Military Green. The number one trademark of military fashion is the olive and frog shades of green. However, just because you’re wearing such shades does not guarantee you’re rocking army style.



2. Camouflage Piece. Through the years, the camouflage print has een remodeled with more color but we all know the classic green works best.


2. Army-inspired Jacket. May it be bomber or the camouflage jacket, any cover-up that looks military is enough to make you look like a chic officer. Wanna look like a hot fashionista general? Or maybe navy is more your style. Never forget that one militia jacket can upgrade your outfit to the top. Prefer a¬† vest? Just like the army jacket, it’s very stylish and easy to mix and match and mismatch with other items.






4.Militia Dress. Great is when you’re not only wrapped around a soldier’s arms, but in his clothes too. But we’re not exactly saying you should wear his things. To make military fashion more feminine, dresses have been available since who knows when and it’s only up to us to be fierce and pretty in them.


5. Army Headgear. It depends on how you want to look- like a pilot in a drone? A navy behind the wheel, or a sniper with a shotgun? Needless to say, we all want to look posh like a boss.


6. Combat boots. Since Fall’s all about covering up a little and getting warm, why not try combats for footwear? Wanna look girlie? Wear them with a dress.