Masha Sedgwick: Grunge Chic Fashion Style

If you feel tired of all the demure and elegant fashion styles, grunge trend is a cool style to adopt. Bold, sophisticated, and outrageous, grunge chic fashion style became one of the most sought-after trends, recognized by details and vibes of a worn-out, edgy, and sexy look. Black is mostly the statement color of this style. So, if you are wondering on how to dress up grunge chic in a sexy and feminine way, be inspired on how a bold and daring style blogger nailed this look.

Masha Sedgwick, her real name Mary Astor, is a fashion blogger from Berlin known for her chic but edgy grunge, rock and roll personal style. Based in Berlin after moving from her native country, Russia, the Berlin’s culture, dynamic spirit, minimalists style, understated yet grunge fashion influenced her personal style. In her blog, she writes her thoughts and tricks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. As a matter of fact, her blog is one of the most successful fashion blogs in Germany that gained international recognition due to her innovative style. Let’s have a scoop on how she pulled off her grunge chic fashion style.

all black outfit ripped

denim and leather in black leather trousers monochrome outfit statement shirt

Obviously, Masha loves black. So, give preference to black and other darker colors, since grunge loves darkness. She stated in her interviews her love of the color and distressed stuffs. Update your wardrobe with denim – jacket, vest, shorts, and jeans preferably ripped, worn-out, stone-washed or dark. If you don’t love baggy jeans, you might like to embrace leggings and lace as an alternative. Whether you prefer plain, mineral-washed, or ripped, you just can’t go grunge without a pair of skinny black pants as it elongate your legs and shows off your killer footwear. Also, leather in all its forms has become an important detail in the grunge style. Leather jacket toughens up your lace and velvet dresses. You may also pair a corset top, concert tees, and vintage shirts with high-waisted leather pants or shorts for extra coverage. Masha has all the must-have wardrobe staples for grunge chic look such as leather jacket, leather pants, vintage shirts, and jeans.

ballet flat shoes boots with buckles chunky leather boots stiletto boots

The grunge style is all about comfort and style. Masha is a fan of Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, and combat boots that are a must for a totally grunge chic look. But whether you prefer flat boots, wedges, stilettos, canvas sneakers, they all look great to style with any of your grunge chic wardrobes.

arrow necklace sunglasses silver necklace grunge necklace

Details matter in the grunge style. Some well-stacked edgy jewelry can make your grunge chic style look intentional and awesome rather than haphazard. Wear dark colored jewelry as well such as spiked arm chains, studded belts, chunky bangles, cool rings, skinny earrings that have a rock-and-roll vibe to them. You may also look for ones with silver, gold, copper, and brass embellishments. Sunglasses such as Ray-Ban wayfarers, aviators, and retro cat-eye styles look great with hats.

smoky eyes dark lips burgundy lips

Masha wears tons of studs, spikes, and leather but softens it all up with her messy hair and makeup. Grunge makeup doesn’t require sparkles. You are encouraged to play it naturally, preferably with darker tones. Masha often goes for black mascara and eyeliner but keeps the rest neutral. According to her, she can’t live without her burgundy lipstick. So, save the deep lipstick shades for surprise dramatic moments.

Any change in fashion style is always exciting and interesting. So, put aside your restrictions, embrace the grunge chic fashion style, and make a statement.



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