Margarita Mizaraite: Rock-Chic Fashion Style

Though adapted from 50’s rock and roll fashion style, rock-chic has come into its own by picking up cues from Gothic, Bohemian, glam, and grunge cultures along the way. Nowadays, women who want to wear a rock and roll aesthetic show off their style with dramatic feature, romantic, conservative, and daring all at once. Let’s have a style inspiration to nail the rock-chic style on your own.

A style blogger from London, Margarita Mizaraite is known for her minimal and classic style with a spice of rock-chic staples. Founded in 2013, Deadly in Love is her blog that mirrors his rock-chic that’s full of a low and high mix of luxury pieces to make heads turns and show her braveness. Since fashion nowadays is all about breaking the boundaries, Margarita is aware finding hardly any fashion crimes she commits.

edgy jewelry

fedora hat rock chic beanie

Wearing rock-chic accessories are a great start on showing off your rock-chic fashion style. Some well-stacked edgy jewelry with brass, copper, or gold embellishments such as necklaces, bangles, studded rings, and two-finger rings can make all the difference in making your rock-chic style look intentional and awesome rather than haphazard. Also, leather bracelets with spikes and rock star sunglasses, and aviators have a rock and roll vibe to them. Hats such as Panama, fedora, bowler, beanies, or Heisenberg-esque look great with shirts, grungy dresses, leather jackets, and heavily layered outfits.

rock chic boots rock chic black combat boots combat boots canvas sneakers

Roughen up your style with canvas sneakers, studded boots, Dr. Martens combat boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots and such. Like Margarita, wear studded boots with black leggings, leather jacket, striped top, and a hat. Burgundy combat boots look best in monochrome outfit composed of gray skinny jeans, bandana scarf, leather jacket, and black beanies. The heavy-soled nature of boots makes the look juxtaposed against feminine pieces such as a feminine dress, a lace blouse, or a pencil skirt. Sneakers such as Converse, Keds, and Vans are among the comfiest footwear on the market and they’re especially crucial to rock-chic wardrobes.

all black outfit rock-chic black outfit

When picking your motif for a rock-chic style, think of black and dark colors. Aside from nailing the style, you’re also not concerned about getting a bit of dirt on your outfit. An all black outfit is a remarkable statement for a rock-chic style. Think of black as a base to mix with other dark colors and elements as dark colors ooze that rock mentality you’re carefree and street smart.

leather jacketleather tote bag leather skirtleather trousers rock chic

For a more edgy rock-chic style, wear anything leather. A cropped leather jacket, leather tote bag, leather skirt, and leather trousers definitely give off an edgy vibe. You don’t have to shell a ton of money to wear a fantastic-looking cropped leather jacket or leather trousers. Faux leather versions of these staples are a must-have when it comes to pulling together an outfit that screams rocker-chic.

rock chic denim jacket rock chic denim jeans

If you’re a denim lover, you may still add a denim touch to your rock-chic style. Whether you prefer washed, distressed, or plain, you just can’t rock-and-roll without a pair of denim pants. If the hem of your pants doesn’t hit right at your ankle, you may copy Margarita’s style of cuffing them to elongate your legs and show off your canvas sneakers. For more feminine look, pair your denim jacket with feminine pieces such as kitten heels or classic pumps and miniskirts.

flannel shirt rock chic graphic tee rock chic styleplaid skirt rock chic skinny pants rock chic

Rock chic staples such as graphic tees, corset tops, flannel shirts, plaid skirts, and skinny pants are a rock-chic statement. A corset top is a must-have without showing a ton of skin. Just pair it with high-waist bottom for extra coverage. And finish your style with huge sunglasses, and a cardigan. Flannel shirts are cozy, warm, and can be styled so many different ways. You may tie a flannel shirt around your waist for an on-trend look. Also, a flannel shirt looks awesome when buttoned up or tucked skinny jeans and worn with boots. Concert shirts are a staple for women with rock and roll style. Just pair it with miniskirts and studded boots.

floral dress rock chic little grunge dress rock chic

Channel the ’90s with a versatile grunge-style dress. Extend beyond traditional fabrics and materials and opt for skater cuts, floral patterns, Aztec prints or even dresses made from lace or velvet. Leather dress adds a rock-chic touch to your look, whereas lace dress can soften and romanticize a style that is already severe. Grunge dresses look fantastic with boots though you may opt for sneakers, heels, and wedges.

Carry yourself with confidence with your rock-chic style. Your look won’t be complete without the right attitude. So, walk appropriately and show off your edgy personality.



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