Margaret Zhang: The Art of Creative Layering

Perfecting a creative layered look calls for strategic style planning to establish a more standout and fashionable style. Layering is an art since one wrong move of layering pieces can make you look fuller and heavier. Need some inspiration? Let’s take a look how a style blogger made layering into a comfortable and trendy fashion craze and find out the tricks behind piling up on clothes.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Margaret Zhang is the style blogger behind the Shine by Three. Apart from being a fashion blogger, she also writes and collaborates with prestigious brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Clinique, Uniqlo, and more. Margaret has an impressive sense of style and basically, she isn’t afraid of layering. You can never have enough layers according to Margaret. Her pairings of unusual combinations of clothes are something you can’t just pull off if you’re not a pro.

fur scarf

orange blazerblue skirt and coat

If creative layering is not your cup of tea, start by piling up light to heavy fabric clothes. Your lightest clothing such as a tank top, shirt, leggings, loose tops first followed by heavier clothing. Make certain all of these pieces are loose fabric, making sure you feel at ease to move around. Follow with a button-down shirt or cardigan and finally top it off with a sweater or jacket that isn’t too huge or too tight and shows off the pieces underneath. Or you can stick to the basic accessories such as a scarf, lots of necklaces, and a hat.

paneled clothes in high boots layered in black coat

When you’re learning to be creative in layering, it can be a bit addictive piling every shirt you’re just dying to wear together. Just try to have a highest possible number of layers you know you will be relaxed in. A good number to begin with is three. For instance, a tank top, open button shirt, and an oversized sweater can be stylish without the unwanted bulkiness.

neutral layered clothes checkered pantsbeige outfit in gray bootsall denim looks

Be sure to keep the balance by layering pieces that complement each other. This doesn’t suggest staying in the same hues or pattern but creating the impression of simplicity through textures and prints. Know that looking great does not require to be complicated or tough and know the power of simple pieces coming together. Take cue and invest on clothes and accessories that look terrific when worn together. This can be fixed as effortless as sporting different trousers under a shorter dress with a coat over the top.

handbag in layered clothes green skirt in blue coatcheckered top and white blazer

Bold, unique, and sometimes unconventional fashion is the perfect to wear when you’re intending to layer pieces. Just make certain they are not heavy and they fit in you well. Then simply you can mix and match pieces from various styles for a stylish look. In addition, accessories such as a nice handbag, hat, pumps, lots of jewelry and a shawl will make you look like one of those fashionable style bloggers.

pants on skirt pants on coat dressgreen long coat

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can stack on skirt and pants, at the same time. Again, just give awareness to designs and stick to skinny bottoms for a better look. It’s easy with a twist but don’t overdo it. Refrain from looking like you’re sporting all your clothes at once. At the end of the day it’s about how you feel and having pleasure, while being capable to take off a layer or put it back on and not seem like a desperate fashion victim.

Don’t be hesitant to clash styles and be creative in layering your clothing pieces. Just do the trick and look fabulous no matter how covered up you may be.

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