Makeup Transformations to Inspire Your Halloween Looks

Halloween is literally just a couple of days away so you should have your costume ready by now, right? If you don’t then check out these last minute costumes that you can create with stuff that you already have at home. Now, to complete your Halloween look and really take it over the top, you should definitely have your makeup on point. Remember that since it is Halloween, you can basically forget about the rules of makeup and just go all the way with it. Check out these makeup transformations to inspire your Halloween looks.

  • NICKI MINAJ – NIcki Minaj always has something copy-worthy when it comes to costumes and her latest look from her Anaconda video is inspiring lots of people for Halloween. If you’re going with that look, you might as well complete it with a makeup transformation. Check out this video  for a step by step guide on how to achieve Nicki’s signature funky Barbie-fied makeup look.

anaconda inspired makeup

nicki minaj anaconda makeup

  • MORTICIA ADDAMS – the Addams Family matriarch’s look is really easy to recreate for Halloween so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you chose to go with this look. Morticia’s makeup is fairly easy as well. You’ll need to like a really pale girl with heavily contoured features and really dark makeup on. Here’s a video to help you nail this look to a tee.

cute morticia addams look morticia addams makeup morticia makeup look

  • URSULA – not everyone wants to be The Little Mermaid all the time so if you’re not feeling like doing Ariel’s look but still want to be a mermaid, how about going as Ursula instead? Check out this makeup tutorial on how you can achieve Ursula’s makeup.

ursula inspired makeup ursula makeup transformation cartoony rendition of ursula makeup

  • JESSICA RABBIT – so we all know that Halloween parties are one of the best excuses to wear really sexy clothes without getting judged and one of the sexiest non-creepy Halloween costume one can pull off is Jessica Rabbit. Here’s an easy peasy guide  on how you can look like Ms. Rabbit.

jesiica rabbit makeup transformation jessica rabbit makeup jessica rabbit

  • POP ART (Roy Lichtenstein style) – pop art in general is very vague but if you ask me, one of the best ones to recreate for Halloween is that of Roy Lichtenstein. If you don’t know what it looks like, just think comic book characters. To help you achieve this look, take a look at this makeup tutorial from Joseph Harwood. It’s a little time consuming so make sure you do your makeup early.

cool pop art halloween look pop art makeup tutorial amazing pop art makeup

  • MONSTER HIGH characters – planning on going as one of the Monster High girls? Check out these makeup tutorials from the talented Emma of KittiesMama on Youtube. She has every single Monster High character covered so it’s a one stop channel for you and your friends should you decide to do the Monster High cast.

frankie stein makeup skelita monster high clawdeen makeup look blue lagoon monster high

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