Makeup Tips for Women with Dark Hair

We all have that makeup routine we’ve gotten so used to that we can do it even with our eyes closed. This makeup routine is something that we know we can use whenever we’re pressed for time or when we just don’t want to fuss about what colors to wear and mix and match. It doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that the routine is the best one for us yet. Your hair color is one of the things that you should consider when doing any makeup look. Dark hair is sexy with a slight hint of being sultry so makeup that goes with it should be either equally sexy or a little bit played down. If you have dark tresses, check out these makeup tips for women with dark hair and see which ones you can incorporate in your usual makeup routine to get the best look.

  • Choose earthy shadow colors – when picking eye shadow colors to use on an everyday basis, some of the best colors to go for include anything warm and earthy, especially shades of brown. These colors make your eyes really stand out against your dark locks. If you need a daytime look, just choose one one color to put on your lids and blend and you should be done. For a sexier night time look, blend several different dark colors together to come up with a sultry smoky eye. Intensify the look by rimming your eyes with eye kohl and finish off with glossy nude lips for that sex kitten-ish pout.

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  • Try bright lip colors – women with dark hair are so lucky because most of the time, regardless of their skin tone, bright lip colors look good on them. If you are looking for a quick pick me up or if you just want to brighten up your look for the day then try wearing bright lip colors. This is perfect for summer because you’ll be wearing less makeup so you’ll really need that bright pop of color in your look.

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  • Find the perfect foundation – we all know how important it is to look for your exact perfect match when it comes to foundation but you should really put in time and effort looking for one that’s the perfect shade, formula and coverage for you if you have dark hair because when you use something too light and heavy,  it’ll tend to look all ashy while something too dark (whether light or heavy) will look very unnatural.

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  • Be brave with blushes – one of the things you can be thankful for while having dark hair is the fact that you don’t have to worry about putting on too much blush because your dark hair actually somehow ‘requires’ you to put on a bit more blush than usual to bring some color to your face.

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  • Get highlights and lowlights – the thing about dark hair is, without highlight and lowlights, it tends to look very… monotonous or monochromatic and sometimes it even tend to look boring which, in turn, makes you look a little dull, too, so if you want to brighten up your face, try getting highlights and lowlights on your hair.

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