Make a Street Style Statement This Spring with Magdalena Fuess

Spring may be the perfect time to wear bright colors, but if you’re a tee-and-jeans type of girl, you’ll find leather, denim, and boots comfortable enough to make a street style statement. Mind behind the Second Face blog, Magdalena Fuess is a street style blogger born in Bavaria, South of Germany known for her effortless looks with a mix of grunge, casual, urban, and bohemian styles. If you’re a woman looking for an effortless statement this spring, keep on reading to get some street style inspiration from her.

Think sporty with a mix of classic and modern details.

architectural top with classic coat with white sneakers and leather skirt

metallic silver oxfords with lightweight trench vest and jeans cropped tee with denim jacket and lace up sandals

Getting a sporty look doesn’t mean wearing sneakers with your gym clothes all the time. Like Magdalena, you may think of dressing up a bit with a chiffon top teamed with a classic coat and leather skirt that will look modern at the same time unexpected with white sneakers. Or, trade your tennis shoes with a pair of metallic silver oxfords that will look modern with a lightweight vest and cuffed jeans. If you’re not into sporty shoes, think of lace-up sandals that will look chic with a cropped tee and denim jacket like Magdalena did.

Make your bohemian statement understated.

bohemian maxi dress with booties and cowboy belt lace up suede romper with sunglasses lace up sandals with bohemian bell sleeved dress

If you’re not comfortable wearing bold colors, you may stick to neutrals, earthy palette, or even retro floral prints that can be stylish enough. Like Magdalena, top your breezy bohemian dress with a retro floral print bomber jacket that looks fashion-forward with a cowboy belt. Or, get that carefree look with a bell sleeved dress styled with lace up sandals or a suede lace up romper styled with a structured bag like she did.

Go for an urban statement that looks edgy and effortless.

grunge chic outfit with urban jacket and boots leather trousers with cozy chic top leather miniskirt with nude turtleneck top

If you’re living in the big city, chances are you have a lot of leather ensembles ranging from skirts, dresses, jackets, tops, shorts, and trousers that can add some statement to your street style while keeping everything practical and effortless. If you’re heading to the office, trade your black slacks with a pair of black leather trousers teamed with a chiffon top, a leather jacket, or perhaps a coat in the early spring to keep you warm. Or, think of a leather miniskirt and a nude turtleneck top that looks edgy with a pair of rocker-chic boots, perfect for a casual street style.

Go eccentric with your outfits and styling.

eccentric yellow and black dress with lace up sandals eccentric outfit with edgy booties bow top with slit skirt and denim jacket

Depending on your personality, you can go avant-garde with your outfits or style them in an eccentric way. Like Magdalena, you may think of wearing your classic button down shirt in a tube-like style while tying the sleeves to create a new look that will go well with your usual skirts and jackets in the spring months. Or, simply tie your favorite tees, sweaters, and shirts on your waist so you’ll get an effortlessly cool look in the day, and make your transition easier when the temperature gets a little chilly. By heeding these tricks from Magdalena, you’ll be able to make a street style statement this spring effortlessly.

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