LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb

LUSH Addiction – Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb

I’ve decided that with my new obsession comes a new series.

Now that I have found a LUSH semi-close to me, (about 1.5 hours away), I can stock up on products each time I go, and I can start showing them and doing little reviews.
If you have a LUSH product you want a review on, please leave it in the comments below!LUSH--Phoenix-Rising-Bath-Bomb review
First up is a product I just purchased recently, and that is the Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb.
This product is undoubtedly one of my favorite items I have ever tried from LUSH, purely because it mixes my two favorite things – an amazingly fun product to put in your bath tub, and a simply intoxicating scent of apples and cinnamon.
This little guy will sink into the tub and produce a beautiful apple cinnamon scent while turning your bath water bright purple.Phoenix Rising Bath bomb
Hear what LUSH has to say…
If you’ve ever read the LUSH We Believe statement on our bags or on our website, you may remember the bit that says we believe “in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again”. This new bath bomb is a tribute to our belief that great things can rise out of the ashes, just like the mythical Phoenix. Royal Purple and Gold dusted, with a cinnamon stick in the center, this gorgeous bomb sinks to the bottom of the tub when you toss it in, and slowly rises up, fizzing our a spicy apple and cinnamon scent.
This bomb is said to lift your spirits and stimulate a tired mind and body, and I completely agree. There is something about the scent and quality of this product that simply relaxes me. I love everything from the scent to the way it makes your water fresh and soft.
If you are interested in Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb, you can purchase it online at or in store for $6.95USD. 

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