Lucy de Boer: Electro-Urban Fashion Style

If you’re attracted to electronic dance music, concert festivals, and hip-hop music, then the electro-urban fashion style is definitely for you. This style mirrors the collision of several music genres that are popular today and vastly present at outdoor concert festivals. Electro-urban fashion is underground enough to be considered insanely cool and has enough momentum to be instantly recognizable. Looking for inspiration to transform your typical urban looks into an electro-urban style? Keep on reading to scoop some style ideas.

From Arnhem, Netherlands, Lucy de Boer is known for her electro-urban fashion style with a twist of tomboy style, casual cool, sports inspired that is simple but edgy. You’ll rarely see her in a dress and heels, but instead sneakers lighten up her wardrobe by playing it with fabrics and textures. Lovely by Lucy is her personal style blog that mainly focused on what she wears, what inspires her, trends, and some traveling.

emerald green necklace

baseball cap with sneakers chunky jewelry with urban outfit

Wearing accessories is the easiest way to add an urban and eccentric look to your basic outfit. Electro urban jewelry like colored bangles, chunky necklaces, feathered earrings, metallic accessories, chunky rings and unusual statement-making pieces like arm bands or ear cuffs are a great option. Any music-savvy woman knows the importance of having an awesome signature hat at the concerts. So, pick some baseball caps, fedora hat, and even statement sunglasses that show your quirky personality. Also, opt for stylish sneakers like regular ankle-cut ones, canvas sneakers, high top kicks, or even wedge versions of fashion runners.

metallic blazer with urban outfit

Spice up your electro-urban looks with metallic pieces like a belt, a blazer, leggings, or even a pair of shoes. Metallic clutches, soft clutches, and even structured envelope clutches are perfect for a night out with friends. Like Lucy, you may team your metallic blazer with your metallic shoes and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

animal print pants animal print vest with skinny jeans zebra print blouse

Whether you have a penchant for leopard, zebra, snake, or cheetah, incorporating one animal print ensemble in an outfit can look incredibly urban, fierce, and bold. Leopard print pants with a colored top matched with complementing accessories are a notable statement. On the other hand, zebra print blouse with black leggings and pastel accessories look subtle but eye-catching.

black puffer jacket leather full skirt espadrilles with leather jacket leather jacket with button down shirt patent leather trousers

Rocking a colored leather or faux leather jacket or and vest with your urban outfit is an unexpected way to add some edge to your energetic vibe. Just look for leather trousers, puffer jackets, leather vests, leather jackets, and even leather boots to complement your looks. You may also pick for a patent leather type that has a glossy finish that even adds some electro touch to your urban looks.

acid-washed shorts denim vest with electro urban outfit

Acid-washed denim staples are so retro, cool, and extremely versatile. Like Lucy, you may wear an acid-washed denim vest with your basic t-shirt to add some texture and interest. Also, acid-washed denim shorts look splendid with knee-high boots and a tank top.

army jacket with leather trousers crop top with faded jeans crop top with urban outfit basic tee with denim jeans graphic sweater with white skirt

For your tops, you may opt for graphic tees with a music-inspired touch to channel your electro vibe. Also, military jackets, army vest, structured jacket, anorak, and utility styled jackets add some edgy vibe to your looks. Wearing a sports jersey or shirt is not only a fun way to show school or team spirit but to channel your electro-urban style too. Look for hockey shirts, oversized jerseys, baseball tees, and intramural-style t-shirts that are a great conversation piece. Also, any sort of crop top will look fantastic with distressed jeans, leather skirts, and a high waist skater skirt.

graphic print leggings with green top graphic top with leggings

Though distressed denim jeans and cargo pants are a great option for an electro-urban style, wearing graphic print leggings is an instant and unexpected way to rock your looks and stay comfortable all day. It gives you a sexy figure as the stretchable pairs give your legs a flattering shape.

maxi dress with leather jacket gray maxi dress moto boots with black shirtdress

Body-con bandage dresses are so sexy and easy to style. You may go for multicolored ones or even neutral shades that look awesome, too. Pick those with cut-out styles or with interesting necklines if you’re feeling bold and pair your outfit with pumps or ankle boots. However, if you don’t like form-hugging dresses, you may look for maxi styles and loose fitting ones like Lucy did. She just polished her looks with a leather jacket and stylish sneakers.

Electro-urban style is a great revamp to your typical urban looks. Just be creative and bold on styling your street wear and in no time you’ll be a style setter that turns heads.





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