Luanna Perez-Garreaud: Effortless Ways to Rock the Grunge Look

Grunge fashion style may be one of the hardest look to pull off as it calls for an edgy and bold personality of the wearer. Founded her “Le Happy” blog in 2010, fashion blogger Luanna Perez-Garreaud is already an after-sought fashion icon in the ever-changing styles of grunge fashion. She has a knack for mixing grunge pieces with elegant ensembles as well as wearing edgy pieces with feminine ones. If you feel eclectic on your style and wish for a different look to show off, keep on reading for our effortless ways to rock the grunge look.

patent combat boots with grunge outfit

pastel pink skirt and crop top with grunge accessories maxi dress and blazer with choker grunge outfit with burgundy hat grunge necklace with chic outfit

If it feels overwhelming to plunge into the grunge look, you may start mall by incorporating grunge accessories like chokers, spiked bracelets, stud earrings, platform shoes, combat boots, burgundy scarves, grunge beanies or studded bags in your typical outfit. You can still look feminine and dressy while rocking the grunge look by wearing edgy accessories with your pastel dresses, lace skirts, maxi dresses, or even sexy crop tops. Like Luanna, opt for your feminine outfits that define your personality and incorporate small touches of grunge fashion in your overall looks.

chic blouse with grunge shorts denim jacket with preppy outfit denim shortalls with graphic sweater denim shorts with animal print blazer leather jacket with skinny jeans and stilettos

Denim items are known for its casual feel, but the stylish details like studs, spikes, or even distressed and faded styles can make it grunge-friendly ensembles. For a more expressive style, opt for denim jackets, shorts, and jeans in high contrast washes, or acid-washed styles. Frayed cutoff shorts with studs and spikes can serve as your statement piece for channeling your grunge look.

leather jacket with lace dress leather jacket with printed pants leather trousers with sweater and chokerpatent leather jacket with grunge outfit patent leather pants with striped top

Leather is the edgiest textile you may go for, but patent leather and rough leather are the ones that can complement your grunge look. The glossy and shiny finish of a patent leather can make your simple jacket or trousers look outstanding, while the rough finish of leather can channel your edgy and tough girl vibe. Look for biker or motorcycle jackets perfect for your outfit that can be versatile enough to put on and take off whenever you wish.

checkered maxi skirt with graphic top and scarf floral sweater with pleated skirtgraphic leggings with grunge denim jacket and tee graphic print vest with skirt retro floral dress with grunge shoestartan shirt with blazer

If you think variants of plaids and tartan are the only patterns for a grunge look, you’re wrong. As you can see, Luanna creatively wore her floral sweater, retro floral dress, and graphic leggings with other grunge items that made the overall look effortlessly fashionable. Though dark shades of black, gray, navy, red, burgundy, and brown are the common grunge palette, you may still opt for feminine shades like pink, yellow, purple, and lavender to create a stylish grunge look without compromising your color preferences.

all black outfit with grunge shoes black collar dress with platform shoes graphic shirt with blazer and skirt grunge outfit with suede jacketstudded shorts with grunge top

If you feel bold enough to show off your grunge style, go for the trademark pieces of grunge fashion like a graphic shirt, collared dress, studded skirts, graphic leggings, fishnet stockings, cutoff denim shorts, oversized sweaters, Victorian styled dress and such to create the grunge look while effortlessly showcasing your bold personality.

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