Lovely Bridal Trends for Spring

Spring is such a lovely time to get married. I think the blooming of the flowers perfectly represent starting a new chapter of your life with the man that you love and the first day towards forever should be a most memorable one. Aside from that, of course, you’ll want to look your best so that when you look back on photos, you’ll see the gorgeous bride that you are. Here are some lovely bridal trends for spring to help you achieve just that.

  • OFF THE SHOULDER NECKLINE – want to give your wedding dress a more romantic and fairytale-like look and feel to it? Go for an off the shoulder neckline. Not only is this a big bridal trend for spring, it’s a great way to show off those collarbones as well, especially when you plan on having your hair done in an updo.

off the shoulder dress

off the shoulder lace dress off the shoulder

  • COLORED DRESSES – white is great if you want to be a classic and traditional bride. If you want to add a touch of modern vibe to your bridal look, you can opt for colored gowns instead. Light pink and blush would make great choices for those who want to preserve the dainty bridal look of their dress but for those who want to be more edgy and adventurous, try going with light gray, grayish blue or even mint green.

colored bidal dress colored dress in green colored dress

  • TULLE SKIRTS – whether you like your gown light and simple or heavy and elaborate, adding a layer of tulle on the skirt will definitely make it look lovelier and more feminine. Detachable tulle skirts are all the rage right now. They’re perfect for those looking for 2-in-1 gowns that they can wear both to the ceremony and the reception party as well.

detachable tulle skirt detachable tulle tulle skrit wedding dress

  • SUPER BRIDE – looks like veils are going to be taking a back seat this season and capes are going to take their place. I guess we have Solange to thank for that, eh? Capes were one of winter’s biggest trends and this spring, lighter and daintier versions are going to be on the back of every bride. Of course, you can still have your veil if you want to keep your look traditional, too.

cape lace overlay caped bridal dress caped dress ready for the red caroet

  • 30s INSPIRED DRESSES – love vintage? Well, then, there’s no better time to get married than this spring! 30s inspired looks are going to be really big this season and bridal looks are no exception! Slim, flowy and light – those are the top things you should look for in 30s inspired bridal dresses.

30s inspired bridal look 30s inspired dress 30s inspired dress

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