Love Your Humps: Dressing Tips for Curvaceous Girls

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj – what do they have in common?

kim kardashian

Of course you know the answer: a ridonculous behind.

nicki minaj

If you have been blessed with much junk in the trunk, worry not as here are some great fashion pieces that can help you flaunt your lovely behind.

beyonce knowles

Wrap Dress

If you want to create a sleeker, svelte figure, then what you need is a wrap dress. This ingenious creation – designed by the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg – is the ultimate dress solution, especially for big-bottomed girls. Instead of highlighting your bum, it draws focus to your tiny waist.

blue wrap dress white wrap dress

A-Line Dress

It comes as no surprise why Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly love the A-line dress. That’s because it flatters all figures, especially ladies with hefty bottoms. The cinched waist and flowy bottom accentuate the waist, thereby giving you a sexier yet classier appearance.

black a-line a-line dress

Halter Dress

Want to look sexy and sultry? Then set your sights on the halter dress. Not only will it emphasize your waist, the top can showcase your ample chest as well.

floral halter dresspink halter dress

Bodycon Dress

For the ultimate sexy look, parade the town in a sexy bodycon dress. While this is ideal for ladies with tiny waists, you can get the perfect look by wearing slimming shapewear underneath.

black bodycon dress. black bodycon dress

Pencil Skirt

Beyonce is often seen sporting pencil skirts for one good reason: they flatter her apple bottoms. Since this skirt can suck in your belly, it is best worn with a crop top.

black pencil skirtgray pencil skirt

High-Waisted Pants

Because of your big bottom, low-rise jeans are definite no-no’s. Prevent your butt cleave from showing up by investing in high-waisted pants. Not only does it accentuate your heavenly curves, it can provide the much-needed support as well.

red high waist pants

Have problems getting the right fit? Choose a style that fits your hips. Then, have the waist tailored.

black high waist pants

Nicki Minaj loves singing about her superb ass – so you should do too! Flaunt your beautiful humps by wearing any of these butt-flattering clothes.

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