Look Festive in 20’s Flapper Fashion

They don’t call the 20’s the roaring 20’s for nothing. It became a turning point for women, as they were allowed to vote – and basically be independent. Apart from this great social change, it was marked by flapper fashion.

With the help of icons Zelda Fitzgerald and Clara Bow, the defining flapper look was born – which is still immortalized until today. Get the roaring 20’s signature look with these trademark pieces:


To get the flapper look, you need to wear a 20’s inspired dress. Such a garb is sleeveless and extends to the knee. It features a V-shaped neckline and a dropped waist line. Because of these facets, a 20’s flapper dress is sure to look good in any woman, regardless of body shape.

black flapper dress

As for the defining designs, a lot of embellishments were used in the decade’s dresses. They include lace, satin, fringes, beads and chiffon, to name a few.

fringed flapper dress


For a great flapper look, you need to get the decade’s hallmark accessories, which are:

  • Long strings of pearl necklacespearl necklace
  • Long and skinny scarf with a fringe or a long feather boaflapper scarf
  • Long velvet or satin gloveslong gloves
  • Rolled below-the-knee stockings or knee-high socks

head ornaments


To get the authentic flapper look, you need to wear its signature shoes. Such are Mary Janes/ round toe shoes with chunky heels, embellished with a buckle or T-shaped strap.

flapper shoes

Head Ornament

A 1920’s flapper look is incomplete without a hat or a headband. As for the hat, a cloche hat is perfect, although you can make amends with a wide-brimmed hat. What’s important is you cover your brow line.

flapper hat

Another head ornament that can solidify your flapper look is a crocheted or beaded skullcap. What’s great about this head ornament is that you don’t have to stress over your hairstyle!

flapper headband

If you don’t have time to buy said head ornaments, you can create a 20’s look simply with a satin belt or a thin scarf. Just tie it around your head. Make sure it hits the brow line for a great, full effect. You can even add a feather for a fantastic flapper look!


While you don’t have to worry much about hairstyle with a 1920’s head ornament, the best way to get the look is to get a bob. If you don’t want your long locks cut, you can always get a bob-cut wig.

flapper bob

Another way to make do with your long tresses is to create a chignon, which is a low ponytail that sits at your nape. Just twist your hair around for a retro look.

flapper chignon

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