Look Elegant in Equestrian Chic

Equestrians are not only known for their horse-riding prowess, they are popular for their unique styles as well. Because of its sophisticated trend pieces, equestrian chic is deemed perfect for fall fashion. Take a mod gallop into the world of horseback riding with these essential items for an equestrian chic look:

Hacking Jacket

When it comes to the equestrian chic style, an important piece that you need to have is a hacking jacket. It is a sport coat similar to the suit jacket, although you can wear it dressed-down occasions. Often made of tweed, traditional styles feature one vent and three buttons.

green equestrian outfit

Although classic styles are made of weed, you will be glad to know that there are hacking jackets made of wool, velvet and twill. From here on out, you can take your pick.

checkered hacking jacket

Riding Pants

Also known as breeches, riding pants are skin-tight trousers specifically made for equestrian activities. Although it serves such a purpose, the sexy fit makes it a trendy autumn bottom as well.

sexy black breeches

Riding pants are easy to pair with most footwear as well. For a casual, laid-back look ala Audrey Hepburn, go for comfy flats. But if you want the full equestrian look, then pair it with another essential equine element: the riding boots.

brown riding pants

Riding Boots

Want to capture the elegant equestrian chic look easily? Then invest on a good pair of riding boots. Like your usual boots, they are useful as they are modish. There is a wide variety of riding boots for you to choose from, and they include the laced field boots, the stiffer dress boots, the cuffed hunt boots or the short Jodhpur boots.

black riding boots

brown hacking jacket

Equestrian Hat

The derby diva look is deemed incomplete without an important accessory: the equestrian hat. Structured in design, the riding hat is suitable for fall – as it is also ideal for the other seasons. Truly stylish, it is the best way to hide your tresses after a bad hair day.

black equestrian hat

black riding hat

Saddle Bag

Achieve the over-all look with a cute saddle bag. It might not hold all the items you need, but they look so good with your fall equestrian chic outfit.

horse saddle bag

khaki saddle bag

Bonus: Horse Sweater

Don’t have any of the aforementioned items in your closet? Fret not as you can achieve the equestrian chic style simply by donning horse-designed sweaters and tops.

pink horse sweatergrey horse sweater

When it comes to the equestrian chic look, make sure to stock up on any (or all) of the aforementioned items. With these in your arsenal, you are sure to captivate the regal derby look.

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