Long Hairstyles With Layers For Winter

Going Out In Long Hairstyles With Layers

How would you like to look so up-to-date in winter 2013’s most gorgeous long hairstyles with layers? Would anything suit you? You’ll soon find out. We know you do so here are examples of styles that you might just want to try.


1. Chilly Ringlets. The culiest and smallest curls you’ve ever seen are being rocked this season. It’s a cool way to look hot in this chilly period.




2. Curly Layers. Waves are curled and layered to look effortlessly stylish for any occasion or destination. If you want to look fabulous in your lazy days, try this one. You can have it with bangs or none. Just don’t forget a bit of hairspray.



3. Fashionable Flips. Hair should be free, and if you add some curls with a curling iron, better make locks bouncy.



4. Drop Down Lush. Hair color doesn’t matter as long as the locks flow down gracefully and looking natural and untouched. A little help from the curling iron can bring you slight curly waves that are just right for this hairstyle.



5. Swinging Bangs. Yes, bangs got a fan club and the celebrities and non-celebrities love the carefree layered look.



6. Braided Back. Braids are looking more and moe adventuous on the unways. You can always wea them like that in real life, but if you prefer simple, we can teach you a couple of ways to do it. One is to do a low side braid like that in the photo, or a braid at the back without any outrageous hair accessories except for a plain ponytail.

longhairstyleswithlayers15 longhairstyleswithlayers14


7. Pin-Up Do. Sometimes, vintage is the best way to do it. Going to a soiree or glamorous event? Grab the chance to wear a pin-up hairstyle and you’ll probably be in the spotlight all night long.

longhairstyleswithlayers24 longhairstyleswithlayers26


8. Evening Swirls. Long and layered curls, tied-back or accessorized, have become the new way to don an evening look.




9. Sophisticated Low Bun. Classy no matte how messy is how a low bun will look when you’re properly groomed and accessorized. The right way to do a low bun is to always put every strand in place even if it’s intended to look dishelved.




10. Ombre Waves. Think ombre is so last season? The stars hauled it into winter and we’re now loving it as the trend wouldn’t die.

longhairstyleswithlayers22 longhairstyleswithlayers21